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Uncategorized / 09.06.2014

It was another sunny, hot day, here in the Carolinas. The sunshine just really uplifts my mood, and at one point my mother suggested that I purchase a SAD lamp for the winter. Well, it never gets that bad here in the winter; the dreary, grey days were saved for my previous place I lived, Pittsburgh, PA. There were many more grey days in the winter where one might need such a lamp. I do, however, need to put sunscreen on when we go out, as I am one to sit in the sun a bit more than my husband,...

Uncategorized / 07.03.2014

Hello everyone!  It was a lovely day today and we decided to take advantage of a good day with weather and my health. We of course brought the puppies out, and they actually know the word "car ride", so they get excited, and their ears perk up.The place we often frequent is called, Birkdale, but I renamed it, " Barkdale" as it is very dog friendly. The funny thing is the my pups, when taking a walk, actually make a b-line for the little boutiques, the hair salon, and wine bar, that we go to! I think my little girl thinks...