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Fashion / 11.01.2016

Hello LadiesI hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Ours was fun, as is anytime there is wine tasting involved. That time of year for red wines, my favorite being dry and smooth. I have yet to find a Malbec I don't enjoy, and along those lines, I also love both Tempranillo and Granache. Pinot Nior is still a delicious favorite, and a pretty safe bet as well. I love to try new wines, learn about the regions and experience new flavors. I wouldn't say my palette is developed to the point where I can say, " I smell a hint of...

Uncategorized / 04.01.2016

IMG_0265Hello ladies!Welcome to 2016! I partied hard! It is amazing I am able to type this blog post. No, everyone! ahaha! I am sure you know me a bit by now, to know that I am not a party till the break of dawn-drink champagne until I fall over kind of girl! You all know I have to take meds for my illness, so if I make it up until midnight, it is amazing! Well, I did. We enjoyed a New Years Eve with the pups, drank champagne, ate sushi and watched the ball drop. My girl, Truffles shakes and gets so scared with fireworks, we try and calm her down. She stays awake all night just staring out the window, waiting for the next big boom! We had a good time though. Midnight rolls around, we say, Happy New Year, and I think by 12:03, I am in bed.
Fashion, Link Up / 03.12.2015

Hello Ladies,Today is My Refined Style Linkup, happy to host and bring you my collaboration with JORD watches. I have collaborated with them before HERE, wearing my favorite Cora watch and was pleased to work with them again. I love the beautiful stylings of their #woodenwatches and I loved the Rosewood style I am sharing with you today. This cherry colored watch along with the natural wood grain and stunning cherry watch face inspired me to put together this outfit I am wearing today. The plum, red, burgundy families are all very popular colors and I wanted to incorporate this pop of...

Fashion / 14.01.2015

cashmere sweaterMorning LadiesSay the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of cashmere. I will go first. Soft. Cozy. Expensive. Luxury. These are some things that come to mind, so when I received this  Magaschoni emerald green cashmere sweater from Bluefly, I was in love. Also, reminding you all that the Nordstrom Giveaway will continue from 1/12-1/18, so enter if you'd like a chance to win $590 GC.
Uncategorized / 28.02.2014

Last night was a night where we tried a new wine bar, and I was finally able to wear my Magaschoni cashmere emerald sweater out! I purchased it last year at Bluefly, a favorite on-line shop, as the green emerald was calling out to me.( I am starting to notice a favorite phrase!)  I was told, by many people I encounter that all red heads should own green in their closet. I do think it compliments the hair and skin tone, but not every shade of green works. More brown-greens for instance, I feel, look ruddy. I am not a...

Uncategorized / 06.02.2014

 Today it was very brrrrr here in Charlotte, NC, with the high of 32 degrees. I moved away from Pittsburgh to get away from cold! Anyhow, I went to physical therapy and prior to, took some quick pictures outside near this frozen pond, where I used to bike ride at 19mph or so. Looking to get a biking Trike this year if I am able. I did have a coat on top of this, but took it off for the pics. One of my other favorite sweater dresses, I paired it with a cashmere cardigan with roses, from Autumn Cashmere...