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Fashion / 08.09.2017

I think back to college where I would wear a plaid mini skirt and matching jacket one year, and black pants and a Metallica tee the next. I really didn't have a defining style. I have always felt fashion should be an extension of yourself, a place to express myself in a creative manner. I do think it wasn't until I felt more comfortable in my own skin where my style became more apparent.
Beauty, Fashion / 29.05.2017

 Hello friends,I am still in PA visiting family, but wanted to share this classic staple for my spring closet. Hope you all have a great Memorial Day if you celebrate it.As I have been looking at mixing and matching existing items in my closet, as well as purchasing a few new items here and there; I noticed one item I could use for my Spring Wardrobe. A classic- the trenchcoat. I have a collection of moto jackets as well as my trusty denim jacket, but what goes so well with the spring dresses I have in my closet? A trench!