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Fashion, Places / 01.09.2014

IMG_4003 Hello Ladies, This is Part II of my Charleston Beach vacation trip,This mural was in an Art's District so I had to get a pic. I wear very little makeup, pack very light, and in this heat have my hair up in each picture. So you may have to bide your time in waiting for my red curls It was all about being comfy and cool.. If you missed Part I of my Charleston Trip click HERE. and Happy Labor Day!
Uncategorized / 25.06.2014

      Hi LadiesI love crochet, when the detailing is done right, it is quality, and style, it is right up there with lace as a favorite of mine. This dress caught my eye when I saw it on line from Zara. I love their clothes, and the style along with the lace collar with such detailing is what made me purchase this one. I saved it for that special occasion, and it was such when my brother Tim, and his wife Michelle came to visit. They are from...

Uncategorized / 23.06.2014

I know you might be wondering about the title a bit. Well, my sister in law bought me this really cool looking necklace one Christmas, and it literally looks like strands of DNA. I thought it was so neat, as I do like reading medical info, and did so especially when I was first diagnosed with an illness. The colors intertwined in the necklace is what also makes it quite interesting, as there are purples, blues, greens, mixed and strewn throughout. I love pieces that are original. I have always loved medical shows: Dr G Medical Examiner, Forensic Files, Cold...