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Fashion, Link Up / 21.07.2015

 IMG_7992Hello Ladies! Happy Turning Heads Tuesday!It was one of those lazy summer days. One of those days I wanted to sleep in a bit, these were taken on  Sunday. Decided to go into Uptown, which must be a special day, as we don't often hang out as much in the city, unless we are going to a musical, out for a special dinner etc. We, like many people, stay in our area, of favorite places, but like to venture out and explore new places as well. Today we went into Uptown and went to a place for brunch, called The Dandelion Market.
Fashion, Link Up, Uncategorized / 14.07.2015

 IMG_7845Hello Ladies!Yes! The florals are back ladies! I of course, as you have seen enjoy wearing a multitude of styles, lace, shift dresses, white looks, some trends, rompers, boho .I also love vintage or vintage inspired and of course, florals. I probably lean to the romantic side as far as dressing, but enjoy jewel tones with my red hair. Florals have always appealed to me, even as a little girl.
Fashion / 12.01.2015

IMG_0689 (Custom)IMG_0688 (Custom)IMG_0689 (Custom)Hello Ladies,Hard to believe it is the middle of January already, right? I wanted to show you one of the red coats    I recently got at Nordstrom and hadn't much opportunity to wear, until now. It is COLD!  I love red, so this was what I was looking for. It has a funnel neck if I care to button it up and style it this way. Speaking of Nordstrom, I am happy to be a part of this fantastic $590 GC Giveaway for Nordstrom! This is a nice amount for a shopping spree, and who doesn't love that? So, I want to share this AMAZING Nordstrom GIVEAWAY WITH YOU THAT I AM A PART OF IN WELCOMING IN THE NEW YEAR. I want to wish the best of luck to my readers and appreciate the follows in having your chance to win. Click on the READ MORE BUTTON to ENTER.