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Fashion / 26.11.2015

 Hello All!Happy Thanksgiving!This is not going to be a long post today, as we are celebrating Thanksgiving and I will be getting ready to see my sis and family to celebrate such occasion. Also, I wanted to share a few things I am thankful for. See, since we are adults, and I do not have kids, we don't get the opportunity to go around the table and say what we are Thankful for.One word. Gratitude . I know there are ladies that keep a Gratitude Journal. I think one should think of what one is grateful for more than once...

Fashion, Link Up / 24.11.2015

 IMG_9836Hello ladies!Happy #Turningheadstuesday ! Are you all planning for the Holidays? This year we go to my sisters and will be celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday with her. We bring the pumpkin pie and wine. Lots of memories with Thanksgiving. Usually growing up it was the big table, the little table, lots of food,  getting tired, and football. Hearing my dad during the Steelers Game a few blocks down the street, Beautiful fall weather. Food. More food.
Fashion / 27.11.2014

 IMG_5685 Hello Lovely Ladies and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yoursHere it is. The beginning of the Holidays, and I begin to reminisce about what our Thanksgivings were like as a kid Before I get sentimental about days gone by, I thought I would bring up a show, The Middle, I watched the other day. There Thanksgiving episode had me thinking, what a great idea, the mom wearing maternity pants, or " eat everything you can eat without bursting pants!"