Joseph Ribkoff - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Fashion / 08.01.2018

Hello Ladies!I hope you all kept warm and cozy over the weekend, as it was cold here in North Carolina. I suppose I am a bit of a cold weather "wimp' when it comes to Winter, I am just not that crazy about it. I try and schedule things in January and February that will lift my spirits. My husband was thinking the same thing when he bought tickets to see Chad ,a pianist, at The Jazz Room I look forward to seeing next week. Today, I thought I would share with you a bit of "spring' in the Wintertime, by styling a beautiful light pink tunic/off the shoulder dress from the Joseph Ribkoff Spring 2018 collection.
Fashion, Link Up / 19.12.2017

 Atten-hut! DId I get your attention? Well, I am dressing in the "military style" today.. :-) If you didn't get a chance to read about the comfortable and stylish shoes from  yesterday's post on  Adrian Allen Shoes, do so especially if you are looking for a comfortable shoe for the Holidays!As we get closer to Christmas, I always tend to reflect at the end of the year about things in which I am grateful. I have really enjoyed getting to know people better on the blog, and enjoy the supportive environment it offers. I am looking forward to spending time with family, in Pennsylvania and having the puppies with us this time. I have always been big on Christmas, celebrating, enjoying Holiday food and drinks and giving gifts. You saw a few weeks ago my Post about Joseph Ribkoff, a premier Canadian designer that is sold at 1ereAvenue. I wore an eye catching lace red top and black slacks. Today I am sharing another look with you from Joseph Ribkoff, and the second look I styled from 1ereAvenue.   
Fashion, Link Up / 05.12.2017

 Hello Ladies,As the Holiday approaches, I love to dress up various look for the season, be it for Holiday parties, going out to dinner, or Christmas Day itself. I am really looking forward to traveling to Harleysville, PA to visit with my husband's parents, as we hit the road with the puppies. I have been decorating the house, and even though we won't be here, I have enjoyed putting up the tree, garland, and decorating the mantel.Here we are into December, and I want to introduce you to a Brand that is new to me that I am sure you will love-Joseph Ribkoff. Joseph Ribkoff is a premier Canadian designer, and I was contacted by one of the stores that sells the most of his Brand-1ereAvenue. I wanted to put together a Holiday look and this red blouse with  black high-waisted pants, were one of my first choices.