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Fashion / 02.12.2019

  Good Morning! It's December...By the pictures here, you can probably tell it a bit late and chilly. Usually, when I take photos it is in the early afternoon, but here we couldn't make it out until around 4:30 or so.  The lighting is a bit grey-blue, so I do my best in post-processing to make it warmer. Speaking of being warm, its all about staying cozy and comfortable in layers and neutrals today. I'll be sharing a Holiday outfit with you tomorrow and throughout the month as well.
Fashion / 12.02.2018

 Good morning ladies!Leopard is one of those prints that is so fun to wear, and I consider it a neutral. Pair it with solids, wear with stripes, color or other neutral tones and it is always so stylish. I have really got to loving it over the past several years as it seems a popular print with bloggers. Some leopard can look cheap or cheesy, so you have to look at the material or the style of product you are choosing.
Fashion / 15.11.2016

img_0030img_0041Hello friends!Who doesn't love Leopard? Well, I have been looking for a pair of leopard booties now for awhile now, and finally found a pair with a lower heel at MetroStyle.  Let me introduce you to Metrostyle. Metrostyle is a company that is fashion forward, appeals to women over 40, who want to keep up with the trends and current fashions.  As the holiday's draw near, everyone has a certain budget that they are looking to spend, and whether you are looking for a pair of these booties for yourself or for another person in your family, they are quite affordable. They offer clothing sizes in Tall, Misses, Petite and Plus.