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Fashion / 15.12.2014

IMG_5788Happy Monday LadiesI hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend as it gets closer to the Holidays. We have finally put up the tree, I have send my relatives and parents the gifts I wrapped, and have gone out a bit. When Black Friday came around, I did not go hog wild or break the bank, I am rather good with my budget. THis skirt did "call out to me" right off the bat. It was love at first sight. If I had been at Ann Taylor, I would have said, we saw each other across the room and it was love from the start. The fine knitted detail of the lace with an offwhite color and flecks of gold, was GOING to be in my closet!
Fashion / 17.11.2014

IMG_5571Hello LadiesI hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Sometimes after a weekend away, I have to physically recoup, but also sometimes I just like to stay at home at relax, take my epsom salt baths, have some wine, listen to music. This weekend, we mostly stayed home, but went out once to lunch at a place I have mentioned a few times here, Port City Club.
Fashion / 27.10.2014

IMG_5180 Happy Monday LadiesHard to believe Halloween is this week, then the Holidays rush in.  Well I have always been a fan of faux fur, and got this sweater  years ago at Christmas time, even before the fur trend, I just love how fur makes me feel. Fur-Fabulous!
Uncategorized / 04.08.2014

IMG_3544 Hello Ladies! Happy MondayHope you had a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed going out, as the weather is cooling down here. The title refers to an exceptional jazz tune, titled "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise.' Kind of what I think about when I wear yellow. The brightness of the yellow paired with my orange earrings make me think of that sunrise or sunset if you so please.