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Fashion, Link Up / 20.06.2017

 Hello Ladies, I am bringing something I am excited about today. On Monday, I talked about what to wear when going out to dinner when vacationing at the Beach. Today, it's all about what I am wearing while at the beach! I was recently introduced to this Luxury brand from the U.K, Rose Fulbright. She has been featured in all of these impressive magazines and I will tell you this designer had me interested from the get-go with her hand painted designs and love for vintage styles. Her items are stylish, classic and are of amazing quality, which is what I look for in garments I add to my wardrobe." In 2015 Rose launched the Tropical Collection of silk lounge wear, which quickly became the brand's best-selling range. She has been featured by British Vogue, The Telegraph and Lucia Van Der Post, among others. I will be sharing with you the beautiful Tropical print Beach Robe I had chosen from this collection today, as I share more about the company.
Beauty / 23.12.2016

 img_5868Hello FriendsHere we are, only several days until Christmas! We are on the road to see my family and I am sharing with you today a product I have been trying for several months.  If you are a reader of mine, you may have seen the other reviews I have done on Vine Vera. I have reviewed the  Pinot Nior  line and the  Malbec DNA line. I was then  contacted to try several products for the eyes. When looking for eye cream, I am interested in the ingredients and what it may do for my concerns around the eyes.  Vine Vera's products contain Resveratrol, which is found in red wine,and  "is a potent antioxidant over three times more effective than vitamin C and over four and a half times more than vitamin. Resveratrol effectively neutralizes oxidants harmful to health and has been shown to prolong the life of cells by up to 70%."
Beauty / 08.09.2016

Did somebody say "Malbec"? I have always been more of a red wine drinker, and Spanish wines are some of my favorites. Today, I am not reviewing wines, ( as much as I'd like to!) but several products of the Vine Vera Resveratrol Malbec DNA collection.  I was gifted the collection and want to give you a review of some of the products. VineVera is a Luxury Skin Care Line where each collection is named after a particular wine, with varying ingredients. I am going to give you a bit of info from each one, and to let you know...