Mad Men - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Uncategorized / 06.04.2015

IMG_6882Hello LadiesI am sure I am not the only one that is upset over this shows ending. No! I love everything about it.. the style, the era, the stories, Don Draper, Peggy, Joan, oh I am going to miss it! I l gravitate toward shows in the 40s-60s, Manhattan, Masters of Sex, and my favorite and topic of discussion: Mad Men.. Today I thought in tribute to  'Mad Men last season, I would channel my "inner Joan".
Fashion, Uncategorized / 26.11.2014

IMG_5662Happy Wednesday,Yes, it is that time of the year, where either you are scrambling to get the turkey and all of the fixings together, or you are going to a relative's house to visit and bringing some wine and side dishes. Yea! We are the latter this year, so we are out to find some great bottles of vino and pick up some of my husband's favorite corn souffle at our Fresh Markets for tomorrow.  I saw this top on Ebay and quickly fell in love.
Uncategorized / 10.03.2014

    Enter: Stage  left ( Roger: Joanie can you come in here a minute? Joan: Roger you know we can't do this. Roger: Do what honey, come on over here and pour me a drink, and yourself one" Joan: Why Roger, what's going on that I have to drink?" Roger: We all decided you need to become partner" Joan: Was it this dress? This beautiful Ann Taylor, red floral dress, and these new glasses I just got..Back to reality...