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Fashion / 15.08.2016

 IMG_8514IMG_8504Hi Ladies!Lets face it, who didn't have a lemonade stand as a kid. 10 cents a pop, got you a glass of lemonade. Now, its a buck, per inflation and some young entrepreneurs. Ha! When I saw this top on Shein, I thought, yes! Now, its more about the grown up version, as I enjoy sipping some Lemoncello now and again.  All of the fruit  I eat over the summer, this top will remind me of this warm, sunny season.  I loved the Off the shoulder style, and bought one other top when shopping on the site. I also like a bright yellow for summer, although it is best kept as a skirt, and not near my face, as bright yellow may not be as complimentary there. I decided to combine the print with my yellow lace skirt for added texture as well as my Zara pine green statement necklace. I could wear this top either off the shoulder or on.
Fashion, Link Up / 07.06.2016

 IMG_7597IMG_7593IMG_7608IMG_7605IMG_7619IMG_7615 IMG_7607Hello Ladies!Glad you are here for Turning Heads Tuesday. Another hot day! I am not complaining, but maybe I need to do a "How to Make Pictures Look Great Even with Sweat Pouring Down Your Back" Post!  That is not me today, but I am just preparing for the summer to come. Ha!  Today was another score from H&M. They do have some fun fashions this year, and I couldn't resist the rust color. Ok, that and the off the shoulder fashion. And the two slits in the front to add some sexiness and self-imposed air conditioning.  I bought this during  the Memorial Day weekend sales for $30 shipped.
Fashion, Link Up / 17.05.2016

IMG_7477Hello Ladies,I wanted to title this: My Off The Shoulder-Dont-Care-If -I'm-Older-Dress, but decided to keep it simple! :-)I debated about whether I should post my military jacket neutral look today or yesterday, Monday. I like to share the various styles and looks that are fun for me and my interest in wearing a ruched style in a striped dress,  fitted military jacket and cargo pants, white jeans with metallic slips ons or today's trendy look with the off the shoulder floral dress. I have also been buying a few more pairs of pants I have deemed comfortable enough for me to wear, and ones I have been eyeing, the straight ankle trouser. So, if you haven't seen the variety of looks, check out the links above.
Fashion / 02.05.2016

 Hello everyoneI hope you enjoyed the weekend.  I will tell you more about our vineyard trip this week, and the rest of the weekend was spent doing blogwork, and a sometimes needed rest day. A rest day can consist of marathon tv indulgence, as I was watching an excellent British show with Hugh Laurie, "The Night Manager." Very Bond-esque. Anyhow, I thought I would share with you some of my picks for something trending now, this spring: Off the Shoulder or  tops and dresses.I do like this trend, and find it very flattering and sexy without being overtly so.Enjoy and...