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Fashion, Link Up / 03.04.2018

 Hello Ladies!Well, this weekend we had some sun in Charlotte! Since I took some days to recuperate from my NYC trip, I was then ready to get out of the house! I thought i would put use my new scarf from Charming Chariles with it's blue, lavendar, pink and olive tones to use. I wanted to style an outfit around it, and knew my Ann Taylor dress, i had purchased from Poshmark, a few years ago, would go perfectly!
Fashion, Personal / 02.04.2018

  Happy Monday ladies!        * image courtesy of GoogleI hope you had a Happy Easter. I think about the times we celebrated Easter, eagerly waiting to come home to find out hidden baskets. We would go to my mom's church, the Ukranian Church with the blue domes in the Southside of Pittsburgh. I loved the smell of Paska, a traditional Eastern European bread we would smother with butter. All the traditions, I miss. We tried our hand at Pasanky, the handpainted Easter eggs, which are done so meticulously, one really appreciates the art form. Ah, I could continue to reminisce, but I am planning on talking about our closets ( wardorbe) and how it fits our lifestyle. Does your wardrobe fit or reflect your lifestyle?
Fashion / 26.03.2018

 Happy Monday! Ill mostly be writing this week about my amazing trip to NYC ( tomorrow)  with Jambu and 4 other bloggers. I came home Friday, after 2 days of a delay because of the snowstorm in the North. So, I am exhausted, sore  and feel like a walking zombie   but ... I wanted to put together a post about 4 jackets you would want to own for your Spring wardrobe, because winter weather can't last forever! I suppose "Need" is a strong word, my hubby would say, so let's just say, jackets that would look great mixing with your Spring wardrobe! :-)
Fashion / 12.03.2018

 Morning friends, Happy Monday!I am so excited to share with you today some pieces from Chico's Spring Line! If you didn't read my post about the #HowBoldAreYou Campaign, breaking age barriers and empowering women of any age to be bold and proud to share their age , you can! I love the energy and the intent behind this Campaign and the FB group in which i belong, The Fierce 50. Now, who isn't ready for some Spring clothes?!
Fashion / 09.03.2018

Happy Friday friends!As I went through my closet transferring my Winter/Fall clothes to a the guest closet ( we hope to get a closet organizer and work on more space) I took my spring clothes out , and began to clean out the closet. What did I need to get rid of? Do I love it? I decided that my clothes and shoes that i wouldn't wear would be sent to Goodwill and the Battered Women's Shelter  downtown. Do you evaluate your closet each season? Do you have the staples that makes putting outfits together easier? Here are some items that every lady should have in their closet.
Fashion / 26.02.2018

 Good Morning! I hope you had a great weekend.If you haven't heard about Soft Surroundings, or you missed my first collaborative post with them, read Soft Surroundings Review. I love the products they offer, from clothing, to shoes, beauty and skin care offerings, as well as bedding and items for home. What else stands out with Soft Surroundings, is the softness rating. Who doesn't love soft fabrics? I mentioned, I used to have more leg sensitivity and look for fabrics that are breathable and soft to my skin. There is a 1-3 rating, 3 being the ultimate softness. My collaboration with Soft Surroundings today enabled me to choose some soft pastel colors for my early Spring look.
Fashion / 23.02.2018

Yes, I am wearing blue, lots of it! Teal, navy, periwinkle and varied blue tones make up  this pretty pattern by Karina Dresses. I do own some teal, aqua and navy tops as well as a couple of dresses in blue, don't ask me why I don't gravitate to it as much as other colors. The pattern is very eye catching and looks even better in person. Karina Dresses is one of my favorite companies and continue to enjoy collaborating with them on their easy to wear, wrinkle free styles!