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Uncategorized / 31.12.2014

IMG_5927Hello LadiesWell, here we are, and let's just say, I took a 180 and am wearing something you don't see me in often! I saw them on so many girls, I really had to go try them on . This wasn't a Christmas gift, just a purchase I havent had a chance to wear yet. You all know my style, more of Monday's post, with skirts or dresses, but I have been thinking I would like to wear some jeans, and when I tried these on, they were so comfortable and cool, I had to lay that plastic down!
Uncategorized / 30.07.2014

IMG_3501Hi Ladies! ( Warning: this following post will make you hungry for fashion and food!)Ahhh. The temps have finally cooled down to the mid 80s and the humidity is lower, so my hubby and I went to one of our favorite hangouts, Port City Club, where we haven't dined in a month.I was feeling in the mood for a little leopard today and put together this ensemble.
Uncategorized / 23.07.2014

IMG_3326 IMG_3346We have made a small change to the site adding a READ MORE button, so that it will enable you to see more posts on the home page. I hope you like thisToday was a day I desperately needed! I needed some pampering. I have been dealing with some issue with the muscles in my feet, it is going to take some time before dry needling and my PT can straighten it out. So, there have been some days where my bed and my pups have been my refuge Today, I decided not to cancel my hair color wash, cut and style, as I needed a pick me up like King Kong picked up Fay Wray  and held her over the Eiffel tower! Yeah, that big.
Uncategorized / 12.05.2014

 I have seen these types of floral pants on people, and I know they are a trend right now. There are times I follow trends, other times not. I am a big fan of Ted Baker, and these reminded me of him and his style. I admired the floral pants on people and decided to take the plunge. I just loved the colors. My favorite is the violet or orchid along with the light blue. The other thing that appealed to me was the fact that they are all silk. Ahh, it is like wearing a pair of comfy silky...