Santa - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Uncategorized / 25.12.2014

Hello Lovely ladiesI just wanted to take this time to say I am very grateful for meeting you all, and I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday, and also to a Healthful New Year. It is hard to believe it will soon be 2015!Enjoy the time with friends and family and I am thankful for the blessings I do have.  So, stay cozy, warm, drink hot cocoa or Gingerbread Lattes, lots of chocolate, and enjoy the season!!I have fun memories of this time of year, looking at the Christmas animated windows downtown, that sense of wonder as...

Uncategorized / 22.12.2014

IMG_5803Hello LadiesHow is everyone holding up? Are you one  to not let the holiday "madness" get a hold of you? I went into Charming Charlie today and felt the need to leave immediately! No, it wasn't that I came across a necklace with more colors than the rainbow, but rather, so many people, clusters of teenagers and ladies who looked hungry to find that "perfect " thing for the aunt, sister, themselves, mother etc.I think this is why I try and shop early, online and get it done in a reasonable time. Granted, not everyone lets the crowds bother them, but I find that I can't stand that long to begin with, and second, I don't like the hurried feeling I get this time of year. So, instead we took the dogs to "Barkdale" in their santa suits and they had a fun time, in a little heated room while we ate pizza and had some delicious Malbec. I hope you have enjoyed the Holiday looks I showed including the red outfit I wore HERE