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Fashion / 13.06.2016

IMG_7703IMG_7713Hello Everyone, and Happy Monday.I promise you I am not complaining. I am just stating a fact when I say it was 96 degrees when we took these pictures. I am a woman who spends about 10-15 minutes on makeup, having it down to a science and basically figure it is going to melt away on my face by the time we get to take the photos anyway. I love YSL's Eclat Primer, as it does an excellent job of making my foundation ( Dior Nude Air) glide on smoothly and evenly, but as temps get hotter, I use this and a dab of foundation, but find that a lipstick is what holds up for these warmer months. I am going to be featuring shorts this week on the blog, and if you are over 40 and want to wear shorts, just do it! There are plenty of lengths and styles to choose from.Today we went to Childress Vineyards, just my hubby and I , as they do not permit furry friends on the premises, and frankly it was too hot for them. The grounds are beautiful and there was quite a crowd. A duo played "oldies" with guitar and upright bass, in an indoor pavilion, and we enjoyed the peach/strawberry Sangria an ice cold refreshing drink. So good in the summer, I need to make my own!
Uncategorized / 03.08.2015

IMG_8174Hello LadiesThis post is going to be short but sweet. Hubby, Gibson and Truffles are going to the mountains. Asheville, a beautiful place where the Blue Ridge Parkway has miles and miles of scenic views. Where art and music are a mainstay. A laid back nature is mandatory. I hope to share with you some of my trip, places we go, food we eat, and fun to be had. I want to go tubing!In the meantime, today I have a post with a casual vibe. I hope to pair these shorts with a mixed pattern another time, but today loved the look of a vibrant orchid colored peplum top. I am a fan of peplum, as one can wear this sleeveless, or depending on what you one is comfortable with, put a button down collared top under it. The shorts in peach, pink, and orchid caught my eye because of the colors. I don't own alot of summer plaid
Uncategorized / 27.06.2014

Hello Ladies!You all know we have that silly streak in us? I promise you, no children were hurt in the taking of these photos!! I should also put out there was no one there, as I didn't want to take up a poor little girl or boy's time on the playground!!!  Perhaps it is just me, but do you ever have an urge to just get on the swing set and just swing away! The handmade wooden swing my sister in law used to have at her house was the first thing I gravitated toward! Yes, I realize, I am...

Uncategorized / 20.06.2014

  Hello Ladies!They say April Showers, bring May flowers, but it seems to shower here more in June. The thing is, that the shower is for an hour in the afternoon, and then it blows over  First, excuse the frizzy hair, the downside of an afternoon shower. Second,. Now, I don't want you to get the wrong impression, when I have these pictures of me going yet to another wine bar, let alone the fact that we are "regulars". My hubby can work remotely as he is the IT business, so at times we go out and enjoy a lunch with...

Uncategorized / 30.05.2014

I just love the backdrops of many of the public areas here in Huntersville, NC and throughout NC. Lots of flowers everywhere. When I saw the trend of the floral blazer, I was on the hunt. I could wear florals every day and be happy about it. Something about colorful flowers that just makes one happy. I always loved flowers. When my husband and I married 13 ( wow) years ago, I had asked for everything with red roses on it. So we had, rose shower curtains, plates, dishes, pillows, comforters, you name it. As I mentioned, I always liked...

Uncategorized / 23.05.2014

It was a pretty warm day today. Time to dig out the shorts. I have a few patterned ones I felt like wearing, and I was excited to take the dogs out to "Barkdale", renamed by me, as it is usually so frequented by dogs, you know the dog's names not the owners. It is a favorite local shopping place with some fun boutiques,  your every-corner Starbucks, wine bar, and also frozen yogurt/ice cream shops. It is really called Birkdale, only 10 minutes from where we live. My husband's phone at one point, marked it as his workplace, the GPS,...