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Lifestyle, Places / 05.11.2018

 Good Morning Friends! Well, I'm back from our travels! I needed 4 days to recuperate, as we were very active for this trip from start to finish. Today, throughout this week, I am going to be posting and sharing pictures of our trip to San Fransisco, Sonoma and Napa, otherwise known as Wine Country. I will be breaking down the trip into 3 parts, Monday, Tuesday and Friday. There were so many photos to go through, process, as well as thinking about all of the things we did. I had never been to California, so this was an awaited trip. We had such an amazing time!
Lifestyle, Personal, Places / 05.10.2018

 Happy Friday friends!Just back from PA last night, and I am beat! Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.As I write this, I was hoping to finish our final steps in preparation for a visit to Italy in the Fall. We had planned on visiting Rome and the Almalfi Coast, staying in the Sorrento area. My hubby has begun his Italian journey by studying Italian on an app called Duo Lingo. As I witnessed some of his lessons, I thought to myself, "sure it is fun to learn another language, especially if one is to visit the area." However, having learned mostly individual vocabulary words of Spanish in high school, with little context and communication, I thought, It would be best to focus on those phrases I would most likely USE and NEED in Italy.
Lifestyle, Personal, Places / 30.03.2018

Morning!Today, i thought I would share what happened when the good ole Nor'Easter hit NYC while we were there! I had an amazing time with JAMBU and the bloggers, and we had planned to fly back to Charlotte on Wednesday. Well, other plans were in store! We received a message about our flight being cancelled, booked flights, so we could only leave Friday, March 23rd, when the weather had settled. So.. yes, thank you to Jambu as they helped when we were stuck for a night at the hotel.
Fashion, Lifestyle, Link Up, Places / 18.07.2017

Hello friendsAhhh, back from an amazing trip in Savannah, GA. I know, some people head north during the summer months to escape the heat, but we went for it. We really found that it wasn't much hotter than Charlotte. I thought I would break up the trip a bit into parts and write several posts. We stayed in the Historic District in Savannah, and found it to be a great place to walk to restaurants, shops and Forsyth Park. The air conditioning was icy cold and perfect for when we had to leave the pups for the morning. We did spend a good bit of the first day exploring and walking everywhere! 
Lifestyle, Places / 05.05.2017

 Hello friendsI have introduced you to several vineyards in the North Carolina region, about a 2 hours north drive from Charlotte. Here is Midnight Magdalena in case you missed it. Today I am going to be introducing you to Morgan Ridge Vineyard.  From their site " Located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina and recently awarded  Grape Growers Excellence Award, Morgan Ridge Vineyards has been creating quality wines since its inaugural vintage in 2007. Owners Tommy and Amie Baudoin operate the vineyard and on-premise winery while striving for balance and producing the best fruit possible to be used in the creation of their award-winning wines. Planted in 2004, the vineyard boasts seven prime acres encompassing seven different varietals used in the production of over 1500 cases of estate wine annually."
Lifestyle, Places / 21.04.2017

Hello FriendsIf you have been reading the blog for a bit, you probably know I enjoy wine. I won't label myself a "wine snob" but I am particular and know what I like. Do you remember the first time you tried a glass? I have memories of the good ole Box 'O Wine - namely Franzia, that we used to bring to parties or enjoy ourselves, because we like Zinfendal  and it wasn't expensive! When you are in college, I don't think you get to be so picky! I thought I would write a bit of a different post today...

Fashion, Lifestyle, Places / 28.03.2017

Hello friendsGlad to be back but had an amazing time visiting my brother and sis in law in DC. This was long overdue, as I hadn't seen their condo and wanted to visit the area. We initially went to see and take pictures of the blooming Sakura trees (cherry blossoms) but they had a freeze and snow prior to, causing them to freeze and not bloom. Not one cherry tree! My brother said "we made history" and that this has not happened before.  Nevertheless, we had a great time visiting the monuments,and I found the WWII Memorial particuarly impressive. We did have lunch at the Willard,  and I had a "Blossom Martini" if that counts, in one of the oldest hotel in the area. The woodwork and round bar had a nostalgic feeling to it. The bar was the Round Robin.