Chic Chronicles: Revisiting My 5 Most-Loved Posts Recently -
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Chic Chronicles: Revisiting My 5 Most-Loved Posts Recently


I am sharing which of my 5 past posts were the most loved recently. The home page of Elegantly Dressed and Stylish brings in the most readers, but you might be wondering what else has been popular recently?

First, if you are looking for more Valentine Content, I have had posts on REELS lately, on IG. Often, the content is different from what I post here. We enjoyed a chocolate and wine pairing at our local wine store, Total Wine, and tonight will see Blue’s legend Robert Cray, so I am excited about that.

I hope you had a lovely weekend, and if you do celebrate Vday, enjoy! We often just dress up and have a nice meal at home with an excellent bottle of vino, but going out this year, we still did not go out on the day itself.

Revisiting My 5 Most Loved Posts Recently

Microblading After 50- Would I recommend it?

If you missed this post, I talked about whether I would recommend this or not. I had microblading and shading in, and after a year, a use a bit of pencil to fill in some areas. It starts out quite dark, but there is a process of healing that you need to go through for a few weeks, where it scabs, gets darker, before getting about 30% lighter. So don’t freak out if you get it and it is quite dark. I am due for a touch up, as you get it within a year or 18 months after your initial touch up.

Have you had this done?

Who’s Martha and Where is the Vineyard? Our Trip Part I – Elegantly Dressed and Stylish

Had an amazing trip to Martha’s Vineyard last year, and it won’t be our last. The picture below is over the signature Gingerbread houses, that have such charm. We often stay at VRBO’s and enjoy staying with locals and in town. There is so much to see, and it is very quaint, yet beautiful surroundings.

Combining Grey, Brown and Navy in an Outfit – Elegantly Dressed and Stylish

Since these are all neutrals, the combination works lovely. Often, we think of browns with browns, or greys with other cooler tones, but this look works beautifully. Not sure how to do it? Read my post 🙂 When you start to put an outfit together, think of nature, think of things that you might not think of combining, but may be inspired by the outdoors or some interior design you have seen. There really is inspriation everywhere! This outfit combines, a lighter grey (bag and pants) brown and navy, which you can see here in this beachy photo.

.THT-Beating the Winter Slump: Tips for Overcoming January

Ok. I know not everyone does dry January, so here are some other ways you can feel better about this month. I ‘ll admit it is my least favorite month on the calendar, but also realize planning activities can certainly help you look forward to things and put you in a better state of mind. Or community center has free art classes, so I might be taking a class if they have charcoal drawing, as I do this as a hobby as well.

One thing I didn’t include, was game nights. My mom loves her games! We play Phase 10, a card game, when we get together with family, and have also enjoyed Scrabble, and other fun games. Have some wine/beer and a charceuterie board while getting together. It can be a lot of laughs! I still have the “Old” Trivia Pursuit, but it is quite outdated, we used to love to play that game, but my dad would always win!

THT- A Classic Camel and Black Look for Winter – Elegantly Dressed and Stylish

I have always loved the classic look of black and camel, and this camel jacket has been a staple in my closet. The lady jackets, which are sweaters, are popular this year in so many colors, and traditional styles.

Camel brings a warm tone to the look with a luxury look to it, but can come in many different price points for coats. Black looks so smart with camel, it is just one of those combinations that works due to the boldness of black and the warm, earthy look of camel. There are so many ways you can wear this combo!

  • Faux leather continues to be popular, so pair a faux leather pair of trousers with a camel cashmere sweater, Quiet Luxury at its best!
  • Black denim, a black turtleneck, ( a black column) with a camel blazer will look smart. If you need a start to putting an outfit together, column dressing is a way to do so.
  • Add a black textured bag and boots to a camel sweater or knit dress. So, the camel takes center stage, and the black boots and bag compliments.

Have you read these posts? Which is your favorite ?

Join me tomorrow for Turning Heads Tuesday!

Jess xx




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