Audrey - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Uncategorized / 01.12.2014

IMG_5353Hi Ladies,Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. ( or weekend in general). I got to enjoy some turkey, and some of the traditional Thanksgiving fare with a bottle of Red Guitar, an inexpensive Tempranillo, which is one of my favorites. Today, I am wearing one of my favorite hats, as I love the cloths, the 20s style hat. I have about 3 of them so far, but here in Charlotte, there is a limited time to wear them.
Uncategorized / 18.06.2014

Hello LadiesIt is that time of year, where we can go and listen to summer concerts. I love sitting on the lawn and just kicking back with a bottle of wine, or other beverages, just enjoying an acousitc guitar player. This is my guitar from many years ago, a Taylor 412, when I went to teach in the South. I had just come out of college, and worked in an area with unfortunate conditions. I had to travel to two different schools, and was put in a trailer when the heat was above 90 and the air conditioners wouldn't work....

Uncategorized / 11.06.2014

Hello Lovely ladies,Well again it has been a nice sunny day here in Huntersville, NC. Sunny, and about 90 degrees. I don't usually go to the mall, as I think the last time I really liked malls was when I was a teenager. I find myself to be more efficient and comfortable at home, shopping on-line. However, we decided I would try on a skirt at Ann Taylor, and look around a bit, while my husband entered The Drop Off Zone.  This is that area that husbands frequent while their wives shop. There are sections of the mall devoted to...

Uncategorized / 21.05.2014

        I want to introduce you to Audrey. She is not a pet or my friend, but my dress! I am happy to be a Brand Ambassador for Karina Dresses, which are made in the U.S, in Brooklyn, NY. This particular style I choose from the collection caught my eye with all of the blues, yellow, brown; it reminded me of a male peacock's colors showing off. I also loved the double v in the front and back, and how the dress accentuates the waist. In addition, the comfort...