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Fashion / 15.04.2022

READ POST HERE Dresses for Easter These are some of my dresses from the past, that I have worn on Easter. You all know I love florals, and dressing in Springtime prints and colors and these dresses were just right to celebrate the Day. It was always fun to get a new dress for the day.I truly looked forward to Easter and I swear the Easter Bunny hid my basket until my 20's! Just before I moved out of the house. ( Moms! ) Milk and white chocolate were my favorites ( and still are) .What I enjoyed were some of the...

Fashion / 15.01.2016

 Hello Ladies,I thought I would share with you, albeit a little later than some of the other blogger's, a small sampling  of my favorite looks from the 2015.I have done Facebook Quizzes lately that tell me my Style Icon is Grace Kelly, and my style type is Romantic. Mmmm. Kind of spot on,  how do those algorithms work anyway? I thought I would also share the link to the Interview I had from Sylvia's 40 Plus Style Blog, which featured my fashion. It was so lovely to be asked. http://40plusstyle.com/how-to-look-elegant-and-romantic-a-style-interview-with-jessica/ Yet, another quiz on Facebook   I took said my Mental Age was...