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Fashion, Personal / 16.04.2018

  Happy Monday!I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My girl Truffles, ( girl puppy that is!) turned 9 on Sunday! She still acts like a puppy, running around each morning and playing with her plush toys. She is gentle and so loving, and we give her some special food for the day, but she isn't big on the party hats! I adore both of them-her and Gibson, as they are the best companions and so fun to be around. I don't know if I have told you this, but when we were thinking of chocolate names for her ( she had even darker brown hair) we thought of Hershey, Truffles, Rouche ( Ro-shay), you know those gold covered wrapped hazelnut balls ? We laugh now as Roche sounds very pretentious and she is most certainly NOT. hehe.I thought I would bring up a topic which was discussed at the lunch table when we went to the Good Housekeeping/Jambu event. I know many people don't like to talk finances, but this was a question i think I wondered about when I first became a blogger. How do i continue blogging about fashion if I have to purchase new outfits all of the time?
Personal / 10.11.2017

Happy Friday friends!It has been a bit tougher several weeks as I have been getting dry needling to try and get back on track after Asheville. It really is my saving grace. If you don't know about dry needling, read HERE. It is not accupuncture, but helps release muscular knots in the body. Before you know it, the Holiday season will be upon us, and there will be Gift Guides and Black Friday Sales etc.. on blogs, so i thought I  would do something fun and share a bit more about myself, besides my love for Fashion. Several bloggers have shared things about them self recently, and i thought i would join in!
Fashion / 03.11.2017

 ( this outfit- this tweed jacket was from LaFayetteNY149- I bought on Poshmark-originally $250, I paid $50, and my Rebecca minkoff bag - bought on eEbay)TGIF Friends!One thing i know about this time of year, is that it is my favorite time for styling outfits. I love that you can be creative with layering, prints, color choices, and love the fabrics associated with Fall-tweed, leather, cashmere, velvet... If you were to look at my closet, you would assume I am from the North as the have more fall/winter clothes than I do Spring/Summer. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, but have been living in Charlotte for 15 years now. Dressing for this season ( or any other) doesn't have to cost a fortune, even as a Fashion blogger, if you know where to look for deals!
Fashion, Spotlight On Over 40 Blogs / 01.12.2016

1. Tell the readers what made you decide on the name for your blog?
I wanted to combine my location and the word style in the name. I live in Alaska, which is in the high latitudes. I was first iterating on the latitude of Fairbanks -  names like 64,8378N Style or 65 N Style, when my husband suggested just to go by High Latitude Style. I immediately liked the idea as it sort of gets even a double meaning.
Uncategorized / 21.06.2015

 My Dad is a great Dad.Tall in stature and big in heart. Growing up my Dad had a dark room where he would have his photographs processed, many in black and white, so we were told to smile at an early age. We have tons of pictures of us as kids. I went through many pictures and remembered when I smiled proudly in my Brownie and Girl Scout uniform, happily adorning the badges I so proudly earned.I remember Dad taking me to my softball games, and me playing catcher or left field, and yet, being consoled when I stuck out. So many...