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Fashion / 10.01.2017

 Hello friends!Hope you had a great weekend! I met with my sister in Charlotte, and we enjoyed lunch at "Corkbuzz" a modern restaurant with an extensive wine list. Why do my eyes always go to the most expensive glass or bottle? Mmm. Well, I enjoyed a glass of a French Red and carefully sipped as to enjoy it. The lunch was delicious and something I would try and make at home, with a piece of thick pita bread, a yogurt lemon sauce and grilled vegetables: beets, brussel sprouts, squash, mushrooms, my kind of meal! This is something I could actually...

Fashion / 09.01.2017

  Hello friendsI hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Even Charlotte had snow. Usually I am easily amused, as the local weatherman predicts this will be the "Winter Storm of '17" when 2 inches falls on the ground. Being a Pittsburgher, I would usually laugh, nod my head and think,  "THIS is the winter!" Well, it wasn't the Winter Storm of '17 this weekend, but it did snow as much as they predicted, 4-6 inches. It is always fun to see how the pups are going to react to snow, and Truffles did not disappoint! Truffles went out on the back deck, and just peed right there. No going into the yard , but just out and in. Gibson, was having fun frolicking around, typical boy! On to my outfit...
Fashion, Link Up / 15.12.2015

IMG_0043IMG_0042Hello Ladies!10 more days  until Christmas! I am like a kid when it comes to Christmas Day, minus the usual getting up at 5 am to see what Santa brought me. No! Since Gibby and Truffles do not know any better, they do not pat me with their paws in the morning,  saying "Mommy, Mommy, SantaPaws came! TIme to wake up!" I put them in their Santa Suits and we make our way downstairs. We make it a leisurely morning, brew the coffee, have the smell of pastries or bagels in the air, and take our time. We do not make it arduous and open one gift, tenderly picking at the paper as if to save it, but we don't exactly tear in to the gifts not knowing what each other was given!! The pups do have their own stockings which resemble a puppies face and they are ready when I put the stockings on the floor to stick their whole head in to find the puppy treats. I do love giving gifts! I need to master the art of wrapping a bit more, but the bar was set high by my mother in law! I have always been excited for Christmas and giving gifts. I love decorating the tree, and over the weekend we went a bit wild, and Michaels going in for two items like gift bags and tape, only to leave with a cartful of garland, ribbon for the tree, ornaments and more.
Fashion / 04.12.2015

 Hello Ladies,I thought I would share some of my favorite looks for November, and also some gift ideas for him. Just some ideas to get you started..I am the type that likes to shop-online. No hustle and bustle for me, just the quiet of me and the pups lounging on the couch or a coffeeshop with a tasty gingerbread latte by my laptop.. If you are following along with my blog, you will notice I have collaborated with Jord for their wooden watches, and Obaku Denmark for their sleek dressy, timepieces. I am almost done with shopping as I am...