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Fashion, Spotlight On Over 40 Blogs / 01.12.2016

1. Tell the readers what made you decide on the name for your blog?
I wanted to combine my location and the word style in the name. I live in Alaska, which is in the high latitudes. I was first iterating on the latitude of Fairbanks -  names like 64,8378N Style or 65 N Style, when my husband suggested just to go by High Latitude Style. I immediately liked the idea as it sort of gets even a double meaning.
Fashion, Spotlight On Over 40 Blogs / 25.08.2016

laurie1Hello LadiesAs summer goes, there are summer vacations and less of a hurried schedule. It has been a few months since I posted my series: Spotlight On. If you are unfamiliar, and are a new reader, I select an Over 40 Blogger to highlight and interview. It has been fun to get to know other ladies in this blog world, and find out a bit more about their style. I would like to think I have a come a long way since my Metallica T-shirts and black pants. ( Although concert tees are trending now!)    Anyhow, I am going to introduce you to my friend and fellow blogger, Laurie, of Vanity and Me.
Fashion, Spotlight On Over 40 Blogs / 29.04.2016

Hello LadiesWelcome to my series Spotlight On, Over 40. If you are not familiar with the series, I feature women over 40 each month in interview form. If you have missed some of the series and want to check last months' click HERE. Otherwise, search for 'Spotlight On" using the search bar. I plan on creating a sub menu soon on the blog with all of my interviews.I am happy to introduce you to my friend and fellow Over 40 blogger, Jacqueline of Petite Silver  Vixen. Enjoy!1. Please tell me how you came up with the name Petite Silver Vixen?...

Fashion, Link Up, Places / 23.02.2016

 Hello Ladies,Welcome to Turning Heads Tuesday this week. My brother, Matt did respond, I think he  caved under the pressure! First, if you did not see the interview on Deborah Boland site, on Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, check it out HERE. ( HOW TO DRESS ROMANTICALLY) It was an honor to be featured!This weekend we had some nice weather approaching 70 so we decided to go to a pup friendly vineyard, called Morgan Ridge,  I also wanted to celebrate with a shoot for the end of my 2nd year Blogging. ( FEB)mow going on 3.  Funny, it reminds  me of what...

Spotlight On Over 40 Blogs, Uncategorized / 01.01.2016

lorna7 Happy New Year! I imagine you won't be surprised to know that I am not such a party til  the break of dawn type of girl, but still enjoy a fun New Years with some cocktails, earlier movie and watching the ball drop from Times Square.I am looking forward to 2016 and hope it is a great year for Health and hapinness for all of you! TYpically, my SPOTLIGHT ON: Over 40 Series is the last week of each month, but we all know how busy December gets! For the New Year, I hope to share with you new blog goals, a bit more about me personally, as you get to know me more through my blog as well, and new fashion topics.Today I want to introduce  you to Lorna Mai, a blogger friend, from  Color Queen. I am all for color, as surprisingly I used to wear mostly black. For myself, black is too stark against pale skin, so if I do, I like to wear a color close to my face. Let's hear what Lorna has to say about color and her blog. Later, this month I hope to share with you some of my New Year's Blog Goals.
Fashion, Spotlight On Over 40 Blogs / 30.10.2015

 choiesfloralmaxiskirt13Hello Readers,If you have been following, or you are a new reader, I do a monthly series, called "Spotlight On; Over 40" where I like to interview my over 40 friends/bloggers and get their input and fashion sense.Today I am happy to present my interview with my bellisma amica, Val of Fashion and Cookies blog. I have gotten to know Val a little bit more this year, through her wonderful elegant and chic style, along with the beauty tips she shares on her blog. We have similiar styles and I wanted the readers to get to know more about Val. She has great style with many feminine looks and also some fun, chic, street style fashion as well. I know she has fun with fashion, which we all need to do! We both have a love for color and accessories, so I hope you enjoy this interview.Well, the first question I had to ask her was obvious, as these are two of my favorite things as well!!
Fashion, Spotlight On Over 40 Blogs / 30.09.2015

Hi Ladies
Today I am interviewing my blogger friend, and fellow Over 40 Fashion Compatriot, Jill, of Grown Up Glamour.
The first thing I wanted to know was what her definition or take on glamour was.
" Today's styles in the main tend toward a more casual look so I do feel that for many women the ability to add
their own touch of glamour has been lost.
My own definition of glamour is not the movie star version, it is more about knowing yourself and your own style
and projecting this image to the world. I feel as we age it is very important to make the time and look as good as we can."