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Fashion / 26.06.2018

Morning!When looking at Chico's selection on-line, I came across this watercolor linen poncho that I couldn't resist. The beautiful bold colors in a painted style caught my eye, along with the images of sailboats and flowers in  a blue green sea. I love the floaty,light style; all I need is a tropical,fruity, drink in my hand!  The image and colors projected from the easy linen poncho would be fun to wear in the summer months. I have been on a linen kick lately, and will be sharing some other pieces I bought for summer.
Fashion / 15.01.2018

 Hello Ladies,How was everyone's weekend?  It has been bitter cold here in Charlotte, NC and Jess doesn't do cold too well. However, being that I seem warm all of the time now ( midlife menopause) I told my hubby, where is the cold weather? So, I experienced the very cold in Harleysville, PA ( under 20 degrees) and i will take the "Southern Cold" instead! So, what is one to do besides cozy up near the fireplace and snuggle with the puppies? Wear layers! Today I am sharing a layered look in one of my favorite plaid Anthropologie blazers, jeans and OTK boots. I plan on writing a post on the importance of a investing in a good blazer, but today, I am talking about Over the knee boots.
Fashion, Link Up / 14.03.2017

Hello friends"The Answer my friend, is blowin in the wind, the answer is blowin in the wind"... "Bob Dylan. It was one of the most windy days recently, and the question must be. how difficult is it to get pictures when your hair is flying every which way ? We made do, but it can be tricky! Our reward was lunch and a few glasses of wine at Corkscrew, one of our favorite haunts. We brought the pups, but it wasn't the dog party that it was last Sunday when there were 8 dogs on the patio!Today I am wearing one of those things that is considered a staple in every woman's closet, the black fitted blazer. I love this one from Fabrizio Gianni as it has vertical dark stripes and fits quite well. I decided to pair it with a grey textured tee, raw edged denim and a pair of peachy pink snakeskin block heels  This is  a spring look or uniform that one can put together rather easily.
Fashion, Link Up / 13.09.2016

IMG_8766scarfHello LadiesToday I have collaborated with the brand, Artteca, which means "gallery" in Latin, a name very aprapo for this artistic and creative company. The company creates "wearable art" by working with artists from around the world to create contemporary pieces that are bold, colorful and made in the USA.  Being a former Music educator, I also loved the fact that Artteca supports and impacts young artists in Art Education.  This is my 4th Look on a Series of Denim Trends. I am  wearing a dressed up pair of dark wash flares, lace blouse with its detailed edges, and as it is a monochromatic look, brought in color with the Artteca silk scarf and shoes. See  DENIM LOOKS: LOOK 1  LOOK 2  LOOK 3. Yesterday's DENIM look showed how I styled a jean jacket over a trend for Fall 16. Click here to view. 
Fashion / 22.01.2016

IMG_0477Hello Ladies,I hope you had a great weekend. For me, January I could take it or leave it. Just kind of dreary and cold. I like to make the most of the weekend, so we decided to go to the Wine Maestro. I couldn't help but like the name to the new place, I suppose a metaphor for someone in charge for the composition of flavors, aroma, and taste of the wines. There are some similarities aren't there. If one decides to describe the flavor, the term is "notes" for wine terminology. I just know what I like. I can taste the obvious, if it was aged in an oak barrel vs stainless steel, fruit flavors etc. I enjoy wine tasting as I like to learn about the regions, the grapes etc. I suppose that is why I was a teacher as well, I like to learn new things.. My guitar instructor told me, there is always something to keep learning in life. I wouldn't go through the music program and say, "well, that's it! , I've learned all I can about jazz guitar!"The same can be said with fashion. There are always new things to learn. Today I am sharing a casual look wearing my Citizens of Humanity dark denim straights, a brown tweed jacket, and a pair of favorite casual leopard slip ons. Part of my goal this year with the blog is to continue to learn new things about fashion, new ways to style, new topics to explore or share. Today this is one of the ways I will style this ruffled, brown tweed jacket. A casual way one could wear this look to run errands, go out to the movies, lunch etc. I will also style this blazer in the future in a more dressy way.
Fashion / 13.08.2015

IMG_8164IMG_8314Hello Ladies!Today I am going to talk to you about an amazing program called 'Shop and Dash" with the company Fabrizio Gianni. Does this mean that I get into my fancy car or truck to go shopping and leave in a hurry? Absolutely NOT!The beauty of this program is that you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home! No vehicle required ! If you love to shop, but hate the hassle of returning clothes at stores, going in to try things on and spending hours at the mall, then you need to read this review. :-) And let's face it, aren't you just curious as I am wearing a pair of their fabulous slim fit  denim knit jeans!
Uncategorized / 31.12.2014

IMG_5927Hello LadiesWell, here we are, and let's just say, I took a 180 and am wearing something you don't see me in often! I saw them on so many girls, I really had to go try them on . This wasn't a Christmas gift, just a purchase I havent had a chance to wear yet. You all know my style, more of Monday's post, with skirts or dresses, but I have been thinking I would like to wear some jeans, and when I tried these on, they were so comfortable and cool, I had to lay that plastic down!
Fashion / 10.10.2014

IMG_4738No, I am not in combat, did not just sign up for the military, and am not inhabited by another being that is not "Jess". I have  looked through so many blogs, and having seen so many of you in combat jeans/pants, I decided to step out of my comfort zone of dresses and skirts and buy a pair. In a sense I am in combat, trying to "combat bad fashion".