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Fashion, Link Up / 01.09.2016

Hello Ladies! Today is a Special Edition of My Refined Style Linkup! It has been One Year! I have been happy to co-host with these lovely ladies and share my style and thoughts on fashion. Today I will talk a bit about what elements make mine a "Refined Style". How do I refine my style?  By now, I am sure those of you who follow me, or know me, realize that I love dresses. The ease and comfort of a dress, a great fit, can't be beat! You probably also know that I love to find unique accessories. I do...

Fashion, Link Up / 12.04.2016

IMG_7099Hello Ladies and Gents,You all know me, at least most of my favorite styles by now. Yes, the floral fantastic profusion has begun! There may be an abundance of florals just ahead as the Spring season is here and the sun decides to emerge for more than a few hours. I do tend to wear many florals, maybe so much by some standards that they should be sprouting from my ears and  between my toes. But I can't say no! Florals are trending now, but I was wearing them prior to the trend, just like to see that I fall in accordance to some trends. My mom is now visiting traveling back and forth from my sister's house to ours, and I have discovered some pictures of when I began my love for florals. Looking through some pictures when I was younger, I was 10 and in a school presentation when I wore a blue floral dress I was quite in love with. Perhaps my obsession with florals began then.  I will have to share some of these images in upcoming posts.
Fashion, Link Up / 08.03.2016

IMG_6799IMG_6795Hello LadiesWelcome to another #Turningheadstuesday!   I hope everyone had a nice weekendI know it is March and we are getting antsy for Spring. I , however, just found this vintage  tweed jacket and didn't want to wait until next year to share it. So, I promise a spring look for next week. Today I am sharing a few tips on wearing Vintage without looking like you went back in a time machine. I do tell my husband from time to time that I would love to travel back to a different era. Not stay there forever, but just experience the time, clothes, . If you are watching the Stephen King book turned tv show 11/22/16 the character has traveled back in time to try and prevent a historical event from happening, having to know the era, the clothes, cars, and events pertaining to that day.
Uncategorized / 01.05.2015

 ( Zara Bucket Bag)Hello LadiesWe all know the 70s craze is here with all of the fringe going on. Another trend right now is the "bucket bag", as it shape resembles a "Bucket" ! How about that! The ingenuity! These bags are just about everywhere and seem a fun alternative to a satchel or larger hobo bag. Big enough to throw one's daily necessities into the bag, they can add color and shape to your outfit. If you carry the kitchen sick in your purse, the "bucket bag" may not be for you.Another trend that has been around for months...

Fashion / 24.12.2014

IMG_5654Hello LadiesI hope everyone is ready for Christmas. It is time to be with family, enjoy and appreciate what we all have , and bring joy to our loved ones by giving gifts, and being together. We spend our Holidays at home in Charlotte. I like to dress in comfort, but dressy enough to go out for last minute activities. The great thing about this latest #Karinadress, is that it is wearbable all year. Ruby, a sleeveless style here, is styled by my red roses cardigan I wanted to pair with this paisley print.
Fashion / 03.12.2014

 IMG_5635Happy Wednesday LadiesI have yet another #Karinadress to show for you. As an Ambassador, we are working with #Modcloth to showcase the dresses in with styling that is like items from Modcloth, or actually purchased there. I love the faux wrap dress, the Ruby, from #Karinadresses, so I wanted to take a complementary browish-taupe color with my velvet jacket and red peep toe shoes to give it more of a vintage styled look. I am just about done wrapping my Christmas gifts, and I was able to get a few deals without going overboard on Black Friday.
Fashion / 10.11.2014

IMG_5300Hello Ladies,This is one of those dresses, like most of the Karina dresses, that I find very comfortable, and fits my body type. The Patti, which is a dress with rust, brown and navy flowers really caught my attenttion, certainly for the colors, but also for the straight pencil skirt style, the sheath dress, something I hadn't tried from #Karina before. I will be posting on Asheville the rest of this week!
Fashion / 01.11.2014

Hello Ladies,You have all seen me in a variety of different styles from Karina Dresses. I have worn the Audrey, a dress with a v-neck both front and back , full skirt. I have also worn the Megan, a 40s inspired dress with short sleeves, and full skirt, and the Ruby, a faux wrap dress, mine a fall floral. I love the Karina dress, as I don't have to iron them, the colors are so saturated and pretty, and they have a retro-vintage style I really enjoy wearing.Here are some of the styles I have worn on the blog. THE...