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Fashion / 14.05.2023

Wishing all the moms a Happy Mother's Day today!Hope you are enjoying it and have a Blessed Day!I will be out of town on our trip for a bit, so I will only be posting to social media. If you'd like to see what we are up to at Martha's Vineyard, follow me on Instagram.Jess xx...

Beauty, Fashion / 26.04.2019

Hello Ladies, and Happy Friday!Are you thinking about what to get mom for Mother's Day? I have been looking up some ideas and thought I would share them with you. My mom will soon be visiting us at the end of June, as my sister and I both live in the Charlotte area.My Mom loves to read. My Dad loved to read. They would go through books like  I go through bubble bath and Epsom salts.** There are affiliate links below. Clicking on them is no cost to you.Mother's Day Gift IdeasMother's Day Gift Card from AmazonMom's got a Kindle...

Fashion / 07.05.2018

Good Morning ladies!If you have been following the blog for awhile, you know i am a "floral girl". I have always loved floral prints, as they are romantic and a lovely reminder of Spring. I do tend to choose medium to larger floral prints, not the tiny florals that remind me of grandma's afghan. That's just me. If you looked at my closet, you might think that stems should be intertwined in between clothes racks, as i have a fair amount of floral dresses and tops, ready to be picked to be worn.  My mom used to have a pink and purple floral duster that i used to borrow in high school as the bold colors and print really attracted me.
Fashion / 17.04.2017

Hello friendsI hope everyone had a Blessed Easter. We also celebrated my girl's Truffles Birthday, as she was 8 on Saturday. She still acts like a puppy! Saturday we went to a new vineyard for us, Magdelina Vineyards. I am sure by now you know I like to try different wine and vineyards here in the NC region, and I hope to bring you some posts on our visits. Let's move on and talk about Mother's Day!
Fashion, Link Up / 05.04.2016

IMG_7007IMG_7037Hello Ladies!What do maple, rosewood, and koa wood have in common? Yes, I know these are great woods used in guitar making. However are taking fashion here though. Give up? These are all woods used in the making of some of the JORD watches, particuarly the watches I own. With this review, I chose the Fieldcrest Maple watch, a watch different from the others I own. I typically choose a smaller watch face as I have skinny wrists, however this time I went for the trend of a larger watch face for a different look The Fieldcrest series is considered unisex, so if you are interested in this look or want a slightly larger watchface, this line has that. I want to add another link to this to make it more like a bracelet hanging from my wrist, and was provided with a few extra links..If you are not familiar with JORD, I have worked with them in the past, and reviewed the Cora Koa and Rose Gold Watch, and the Ely Red Sandalwood watch for their darker wood and beautiful watch faces. These watches have a smaller watch face.  JORD is a company that I respect for their workmanship and love the aesthetic look of their watches. With this look today, I wanted a neutral, natural look with texture from the watch, lace skirt and faux snakeskin t-strap flats. ( they are new! )  A bit of color was added to this all neutral look with the pink Balenciaga Rose City Bag adding a soft tone to this feminine look. Read both reviews HERE and HERE.