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Fashion / 29.03.2019

I know for me, there comes a time when I am ready to do some Spring cleaning. Right about now. It is the time when I take my Winter/Fall clothes and pack them into the guest room closet, making room for new Spring items and either selling or donating clothes that have languished in my closet, or that I just am not fond of anymore. I've compiled a list of items I am looking for this season.
Fashion / 09.04.2018

Hi Ladies!. As I slowly add new pieces to my spring wardrobe, I purchased this delicate chiffon scarf with its lovely mix of olives, plum, pinks, lavender and blue, as i styled it previously, in this port - Lilac Dress and Poshmark Deals.ย  I loved the beautiful print and looked forward to styling it with other pieces in my wardrobe. I don't have a huge collection of scarves, but love a chiffon or silk scarf best.
Fashion / 09.03.2018

Happy Friday friends!As I went through my closet transferring my Winter/Fall clothes to a the guest closet ( we hope to get a closet organizer and work on more space) I took my spring clothes out , and began to clean out the closet. What did I need to get rid of? Do I love it? I decided that my clothes and shoes that i wouldn't wear would be sent to Goodwill and the Battered Women's Shelterย  downtown. Do you evaluate your closet each season? Do you have the staples that makes putting outfits together easier? Here are some items that every lady should have in their closet.