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Fashion, Link Up / 16.02.2016

 IMG_6604IMG_6612Hello Ladies and Matt,Welcome to Turning Heads Tuesday. Matt is my younger brother, and he commented that he wants to comment on my blog but that I ALWAYS begin with, "Hello Ladies", so I decided to include him in my introduction! I better hear from you, Matt!! :-)February is always a time, actually January is when I start to get antsy for Spring. I just am not a fan of cold, and the inability to take my puppies out with us to lunch or a wine bar, or anywhere for that matter. I could complain, but our winter isn't very long here in Charlotte, and the coldest months are January and February. I do like to see sunshine though. It just so happened to be the spot in which we took pictures was sunny.   I just prefer warmer days, and do believe in the "winter blues".
Fashion / 10.10.2014

IMG_4738No, I am not in combat, did not just sign up for the military, and am not inhabited by another being that is not "Jess". I have  looked through so many blogs, and having seen so many of you in combat jeans/pants, I decided to step out of my comfort zone of dresses and skirts and buy a pair. In a sense I am in combat, trying to "combat bad fashion".
Uncategorized / 25.04.2014

    I am a big fan of this silver blue color, and you all know I could use a bit more blue in my wardrobe. This dress has a kind of grecian design in the front, the way it crosses, and the way the waist is accentuated. It is too bad that I didn't go to Greece to get it!! This blue could be paired with many colors, a lovely lavendar is what I was thinking as well. This look is mostly monochome, as my bag with its texture, has that same steel...

Uncategorized / 26.03.2014

Figuratively, not literally. B,B, King once sang, " Everyday I got the blues." Well, I can't say that for my wardrobe either.I need to incorporate more blue into my wardrobe. I have a lot of many other colors, but I am not sure why I haven't been drawn to it. I like mint, baby blue, maybe it is just finding the right blue hue! I took a stroll down our development, and we have so many beautiful crepe murtle trees, I really want one. So, I suppose, the next best thing, ( not really!) is looking like we have one...