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Fashion, Personal / 22.05.2020

 " We are the World, We are the Children. We are the ones to make a brighter day, so let's start giving."This song was written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson still resonates with us today. As a matter of fact, Lionel Richie talked a bit about the song and how he would be singing it on American Idol. Do you remember the video?I am wearing my Def Leppard concert tee from a few years ago, and styled it today to talk about the power of Music.
Fashion / 15.10.2014

IMG_4889Hello LadiesI know that you are used to seeing scenes of the Lake, us out at various wine bars and backdrops of trees. Well, today looking at the radar early in the morning, was not going to be that way. A huge storm was coming our way, so even though we have a flash for dark days, we don't have anything to stop pouring down rain. Needless to say, the environment isn't as exciting, but the company was, my puppies, Gibson and Truffles decided to enlighten our indoor pics.
Uncategorized / 05.03.2014

First of all I love the cat-eye look !The last time I was glasses shopping, I took a lot longer than my husband, as the salesman  kept saying, "He has THE PERFECT face for practically any frame here." He then found 2 pair for me, and I liked them but did not love. Well, it was quite a project finding a pair I like, as you can see I have a certain face shape that works with some frames and not others. Do not hand me those round little John Lennon glasses, or tell me...