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Fashion / 16.10.2020

As the weather gets more brisk, I always love to see what trends I can add to my closet for the season. Are you one who buys trends? Where do you shop for them? I know other ladies who will buy at less expensive places to add a trend or two to their closets, as they don't always see them as lasting. I beg to differ with some of these trends being great pieces to add to your closet anyway. I've included several links to share older posts where I am wearing some of these trends.
Fashion / 06.09.2019

 Since we all are starting to dream of Fall, if it isn't in your neighborhood yet, we can at least daydream about the Fall Fashion trends. This is by means is not a definitive list, but of 5 of the trends I have encountered while researching Fall 2019. There are other trends, but I find these very wearable, which isn't always the case with the runway and trends.
Fashion / 08.10.2018

 Hello friends!One of my favorite things to research in fashion are the upcoming trends of each season.  Although i love to have those necessary staples that i think are easy to mix in match in our wardrobe, trendy pieces can be fun to add as well. I don't believe in spending loads of money on trends if it is something you think might just come and go, or you don't see yourself wearing much. Let me get down to business and talk about some of the Fall trends for 2018 I am seeing in shops and hearing about.
Fashion / 04.09.2017

Happy Monday friends!I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend as we get closer to heading into Fall. I love the cooler weather we have been having in NC.. the oppressive heat is over! Fall is my favorite season and it always has been, as I love the colors of the leaves, fresh air, cooler air , camping among other things and warm and cozy fashion.. ( not to mention pumpkin spice everything!) But as we talk about Fall fashion, let's look at some of the Trends.Are you a trend setter? Or do you avoid trends as you don't...

Fashion / 12.09.2016

fallfloralstrendThis is kind of a combination of a series I wanted to do on the blog sharing how i incorporate the NYFW Fall Trends with my closet, and put together a similar look  Think of this as a Two-fer! A NYFW inspired outfit and a Denim Trends look. My denim item this week, is the classic jean jacket.  As I research Fall Fashions from the runway, I came upon these looks that of course I love and want to style. Fall florals are big for Fall 2016 on the runway and I chose to style it with clothes from my closet. I went to Fashion Week last year, this year it is my mom's turn! I look forward to hearing about her experience and will write about it here. I really love some of the runway trends, and what is great about this look is that it is truly something one can wear "in real life".  I truly love to take items that are currently in my closet and wear them for another season. I have worn this ASOS dress several times in the spring, as you can see here.  The color pallete however, does lend itself to Fall months, as it has deep plums, grey and navy tones.IMG_8808IMG_8816I decided to wear my F21 jean jacket as I emulate the look from the runway, and also because you have never seen me in a jean jacket!  The vintage brooch inspiration is  taken from fellow bloggers, Suzanne of  Suzanne Carillo Blog  and Anna of Annas Island Style;  I added some of my purple toned vintage brooches to the look. I wouldnt mind looking for some  embroidered patches I could add to the jacket as well.IMG_8812