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Fashion / 03.06.2019

 It's one of those styles I saw on a number of people that I really loved, but wasn't sure how I would like it on me. I am tall, 5 foot 9, so I wasn't weary of the length. I thought, let's go for it, and get something a bit out of my comfort zone and try something different. So, Poshmark shopping I went, and I found this pair of Wit and Wisdom cropped wide leg jeans for a mere $20 shipped.:-)
Fashion / 02.07.2018

Hello friendsWell before I'm sweating "putty balls" ( my mom's saying! still don't know what it means ;-) ) I decided to wear my favorite jeans with one of my favorite off the shoulder floral tops. In the summer, I will mostly wear dresses, denim white shorts and my jean skirt, but from time to time, if we are going to be inside, whether it's for a casual dinner or at the movies, I may wear jeans.  Places here tend to crank the air conditioning in the summer. Not going for a full blown obvious red white and blue look, I opted for subtly with the top in navy , white,  and red within the floral design.
Fashion / 28.05.2018

Good Morning!Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are enjoying the day with your family. Maybe a cookout or just hanging out, and perhaps a jump in the pool. Our pool opened May 1st here, but I know many open on Memorial Day, making the official start of summer. I also listed some SALES going on now for Memorial Day. These are brands or stores in which i shop, and there are some good deals!I know not all ladies like to wear shorts in the warmer weather. I enjoy wearing them from time to time , and will show some styles on the blog, but as an alternative, how about a denim skirt? I shared this item as one of the 10 Spring Staples for Your Closet, and do enjoy wearing mine throughout the Spring and Summer months.  Basically, a cooler version of jeans. I just can't wear jeans in the summer.. the thought of the denim sticking to my legs does not appeal to me. So, I choose dresses, shorts, skirts- included this A-line button down denim skirt I bought last summer at Loft.
Fashion / 12.03.2018

 Morning friends, Happy Monday!I am so excited to share with you today some pieces from Chico's Spring Line! If you didn't read my post about the #HowBoldAreYou Campaign, breaking age barriers and empowering women of any age to be bold and proud to share their age , you can! I love the energy and the intent behind this Campaign and the FB group in which i belong, The Fierce 50. Now, who isn't ready for some Spring clothes?!