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Fashion / 28.04.2016

 IMG_7256Hello LadiesToday I am sharing with you a review of some new shoes from Rockport. When they initially contacted me, I was hesitant, as I knew Rockport from years back when my Dad was wearing their shoes. The name conjured up some shoes that were meant for stability, cushion but not as much looks. However, times have changed, and Rockport has some wonderful shoes to choose from. The image is different and the styles are on trend with the looks of today. I was thrilled when I saw these floral flats made with their "Total Motion technology". For me, as for I imagine many women, the appeal of comfort and style is what one looks for in a shoe. They are the Total Motion Adelyn  Ballet flat.
Fashion / 22.03.2016

IMG_6884IMG_6881Hello ladies and Gents,I hope everyone had a nice weekend, as I want to know where the time went! I am still trying to adjust to Daylight Savings time, and wake up feeling tired. My boy Gibby just turns around from being in his tight little ball of fur, to staring at me knowing it's F-O-O-D time! Truffles has joined in the "Morning Stare Down", and I laugh and get out of bed. As far as weather goes,  we have had some usual record temps here in Charlotte with a few days in the 80s! Charlotte, has in the past gone from Winter to Summer, but this is just one of those spells everyone is experiencing ,and we will be back to normal temps. Today I decided to show you an outfit with pattern mixing. I have done this as a very subtle way in the past, HERE with stripes and a leopard print, and today I am sharing one of the more popular way to mix patterns, floral and stripes.
Fashion / 18.01.2016

 Hello LadiesYou know I have earned the nickname, " The floral Queen". I suppose there is something about florals that have me all giddy!  I get giddy when f all approaches and I know I can get my pumpkin spice beans at my local fresh market. This is a different level of "Giddiness". Normally I save them more for spring, as often we think of wearing florals then, however, there are ways to wear floral in  the winter. The great thing is when I buy a dress, I do look at it and think about how many ways it can be...