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Fashion / 18.01.2016

 Hello LadiesYou know I have earned the nickname, " The floral Queen". I suppose there is something about florals that have me all giddy!  I get giddy when f all approaches and I know I can get my pumpkin spice beans at my local fresh market. This is a different level of "Giddiness". Normally I save them more for spring, as often we think of wearing florals then, however, there are ways to wear floral in  the winter. The great thing is when I buy a dress, I do look at it and think about how many ways it can be...

Fashion / 15.01.2016

 Hello Ladies,I thought I would share with you, albeit a little later than some of the other blogger's, a small sampling  of my favorite looks from the 2015.I have done Facebook Quizzes lately that tell me my Style Icon is Grace Kelly, and my style type is Romantic. Mmmm. Kind of spot on,  how do those algorithms work anyway? I thought I would also share the link to the Interview I had from Sylvia's 40 Plus Style Blog, which featured my fashion. It was so lovely to be asked. http://40plusstyle.com/how-to-look-elegant-and-romantic-a-style-interview-with-jessica/ Yet, another quiz on Facebook   I took said my Mental Age was...

Fashion / 29.12.2014

IMG_5965 Happy Monday EveryoneHard to believe Christmas  has come and gone. All the preparing for it, and the excitement leading up to it can linger a bit, then the day is here and quickly over. However, we keep our tree up for a while, and also celebrate the New Year. My title refers to  Christmas Eve, when my husband gave me one gift to open. I know for many it is a tradition, and we do this on occasion. It was a Downton Abbey Christmas ornament of the car complete with Tom, the former chauffeur of the family.
Fashion / 17.11.2014

IMG_5571Hello LadiesI hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Sometimes after a weekend away, I have to physically recoup, but also sometimes I just like to stay at home at relax, take my epsom salt baths, have some wine, listen to music. This weekend, we mostly stayed home, but went out once to lunch at a place I have mentioned a few times here, Port City Club.
Uncategorized / 27.03.2014

  I have to admit, lace and  fur just make me feel glamorous. Add in just a touch of a pearl brooch, some antique jewelry, and a pair of brown brogues, and I feel as though I have stepped back in time I think I could have lived in another era. I like the 20's for the clothes, the music{ swing, big band, and jazz are my favorite kind of music, as anyone will tell you, I probably don't go a day without listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway and others As far as...

Uncategorized / 05.03.2014

First of all I love the cat-eye look !The last time I was glasses shopping, I took a lot longer than my husband, as the salesman  kept saying, "He has THE PERFECT face for practically any frame here." He then found 2 pair for me, and I liked them but did not love. Well, it was quite a project finding a pair I like, as you can see I have a certain face shape that works with some frames and not others. Do not hand me those round little John Lennon glasses, or tell me...