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Fashion / 15.09.2014

IMG_4343Happy Monday, Ladies!I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Don't be fooled by the leaves on the ground, it was 85 when these pics were taken. I want to clear up something with the title, it is my "boyfriend jean shorts" in which I was referring! I don't think my husband would agree with anything else!! ha!
Fashion / 13.08.2014

IMG_3749Hi Ladies!Here we are Wednesday, does it feel like half the week has gone by? Well, as promised, I am showing you styling of the color palette red and black. Today I am wearing my sheath dress from Ann Taylor and I hope you enjoy the Plenty of Poppies in the Pretty Print.. now say that tongue twister ten times fast...
Uncategorized / 14.07.2014

IMG_3267 Hello Ladies!Hope ya’ll had a lovely weekend. Today is mine and my husband’s 13th Anniversary! Hard to believe. When someone asks how long we have been married,  we usually jokingly respond ” 13 years, but it feels like 30! ” This is only partially a joke. We dated for 3 years, so it has been 16 years, and he is my best friend too, so it feels like we have known each other longer. We actually met, in ECP, the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh, when I lived there for 32 years. I was dying to take their Rock Climbing Class, to learn to climb rock faces, and he also joined the class.
Uncategorized / 27.02.2014

I could honestly say, my love for handbags, probably began about 10 years ago. I know it wasn't in high school or even college, and I am seeing a ton of 20 somethings wearing Celine bags or carrying Louis Vuitton. At that age, I would have probably been able to afford Louis Buitton. The only bag I remember carrying in high school was my "brown bag", not from Bloomingdales, either, literally a brown bag for lunch! I remember when I bought years ago a Kenneth Cole NY bag, I got at TJMaxx for $65 dollars, and I thought that was...