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Fashion, Link Up / 10.07.2018

 She stared at me from across the computer screen. Bright red flowers adorned her and the ruffled accented sleeves just made her more adorable in my eyes. I am talking about my new dress! Yes, I was browsing the Zara site as I often do several times a week, and saw this dress. If I keep going back to look at something, with interest, most often it is something that calls out to me. With a plentiful closet, this is how I am buying clothing these days, I HAVE TO LOVE IT- and I love it! and... there were a couple of birthday celebrations over the weekend too.
Fashion / 25.05.2018

  Happy Friday!Tell me three things you love about linen. Now, I can think of the one thing that you aren't crazy about. The fact that it wrinkles very easily.I think you accept it as part of the charm, or go insane by trying to continually iron pieces  until each crease is removed. Just know, as soon as you get in your car, and then leave it, the wrinkles are going to be there again. I think accepting it as part of the style and material, you can then, ENJOY linen.