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Uncategorized / 05.05.2015

IMG_7164Welcome Ladies!Hope your day is going well, and I just couldn't help but create a look based on one of the biggest color trends of the season: #blush!Typically, I am not necessarily a trend follower. I keep up with trends as you know, but it has to be something I really like. I think I would never tire of this romantic pink shade.Join in this week on our LINKUP and remember to visit each other's blogs for fun and inspiration
Uncategorized / 21.04.2015

IMG_7042Hello everyone!I am very pleased to say that Turning Heads Tuesday is going well and I owe it to you all!! Can you imagine what a fashion link up would be like with three people? Me, myself and I? Not very fun! I am sure I would only click on my own links once, ok, maybe twice, but I would get bored FAST!So, I wanted to thank you for supporting this link up and making it a fun place to see each other's style. In order to do this, perhaps begin by clicking on  the person next to you in the link up, or  go to someone you don't know.. Let's all hold "virtual hands" and sing Kumbaya !! 
Fashion, Link Up / 17.03.2015

Hello LadiesHappy St Patrick's Day! I hope I am lucky in presenting you my first link up. I am calling it Turning Heads Tuesday, and have the button available for you to put on your link up page  to link back or as a widget.Do you know I am Irish? My ancestry that is.  What gave it away? The red locks, green eyes, fair skin? Well, there are some misconceptions to being Irish I must dispell once and for all!
  • I actually do not like beer. As you all know, I am a wine drinker, martini drinker, just not beer.I never acquired a taste for it, and Coors Light in college doesn't count.
  • There is much  more to Irish cooking than boiled potatoes. One of my favorites growing up was Soda bread.
  • There is not pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I have seen numerous rainbows in my time, and believe me, if there were I would be a very well to do woman!
  • Four leaf clovers have nothing to do with luck! So if you find one, and get lucky, it is merely a coincidence.
I wanted to wear my green to celebrate the day, and my leopard print jacquard skirt which reminded me of 4 leaf clovers ! :-)IMG_6699