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Fashion, Link Up / 12.03.2019

 I told you I was a moto jacket kinda girl. I think this one may be the favorite in my collection, the cognac suede is one of my favorite colors and BLANKNYC jackets are cut just right. I was due for some locational photo shoots and I hope to do more as the weather gets nicer. Today's neutrals are going to transition into Spring, and this airy chiffon snakeskin skirt can be worn year round.
Fashion / 30.04.2018

 Good morning Ladies!I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'll tell you about mine but first want to talk about one of my favorite styles for Spring and summer, what I liked to call The Safari Look. Call it Neutrals with Straw Bags- but that doesn't have as much of a ring to it does it? One of my favorite styles conjurs up images of a Safari holiday or trip, or one I suppose it would look like. ( I have never been on one!) Neutrals, linens, light fabrics, with structured or flowy clothing, accompanied by a bamboo straw bag or clutch, neutral leather sandals or espadrilles is the vision I have in my mind.
Fashion / 29.01.2018

 Good Morning friends,I hope you had a great weekend!First, I want to say, thank you for offering suggestions for topics you are interested in hearing on the blog. I have made note and plan on posting some of those suggestions in the  coming months.  We went and saw Phantom of the Opera in Charlotte last night, and it was SO Good!! I love the music in Phantom, and the baritone voice of the man who played " Phantom" is something i could listen to all of the time. I love it! The seats were wonderful, I knew the music well and it will be a memory I cherish. I won't go into what some wore to the theatre, only to say Sports jerseys and plaid shorts are probably not the best bet! I think it is still an evening out where people dress up to see the theatre. Now.. on to the matter at hand.. wearing white jeans in the winter....
Fashion / 16.05.2016

 IMG_7380Hello Ladies and Happy Monday ( once Ive had my coffee)..Repeat after Me! I like neutrals yes indeed! ( I like neutrals yes indeed)Military jackets...just not in tweed (repeat)   ..   ( its too hot! :-)) just go with it!Like to know just how to style ( repeat)Read ahead ..might take awhile..Sound off.. 1..2..  Ha, Ok. I never said I do not possess a goofy sense of humour! Hey, I sing and talk to my dogs every day, right? I thought today I would change it up, as I like to do from time to time. Recently, I have worn stripes HERE,  this look, and more jeans. I know I have a feminine style, but there are days where I want to "dress down" but look put together and have fun with fashion wearing something different. I have had this military jacket from LOFT for years and haven't worn it much. I just decided, why not? I love the raw edges and the brass buttons, as well as the shape commanding a more feminine feel, not a boxy look.