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Fashion, Link Up / 03.04.2018

 Hello Ladies!Well, this weekend we had some sun in Charlotte! Since I took some days to recuperate from my NYC trip, I was then ready to get out of the house! I thought i would put use my new scarf from Charming Chariles with it's blue, lavendar, pink and olive tones to use. I wanted to style an outfit around it, and knew my Ann Taylor dress, i had purchased from Poshmark, a few years ago, would go perfectly!
Fashion / 03.11.2017

 ( this outfit- this tweed jacket was from LaFayetteNY149- I bought on Poshmark-originally $250, I paid $50, and my Rebecca minkoff bag - bought on eEbay)TGIF Friends!One thing i know about this time of year, is that it is my favorite time for styling outfits. I love that you can be creative with layering, prints, color choices, and love the fabrics associated with Fall-tweed, leather, cashmere, velvet... If you were to look at my closet, you would assume I am from the North as the have more fall/winter clothes than I do Spring/Summer. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, but have been living in Charlotte for 15 years now. Dressing for this season ( or any other) doesn't have to cost a fortune, even as a Fashion blogger, if you know where to look for deals!
Beauty, Fashion / 29.05.2017

 Hello friends,I am still in PA visiting family, but wanted to share this classic staple for my spring closet. Hope you all have a great Memorial Day if you celebrate it.As I have been looking at mixing and matching existing items in my closet, as well as purchasing a few new items here and there; I noticed one item I could use for my Spring Wardrobe. A classic- the trenchcoat. I have a collection of moto jackets as well as my trusty denim jacket, but what goes so well with the spring dresses I have in my closet? A trench!
Fashion / 20.02.2017

 HI Ladies,Here we are nearing the later parts of Winter, and I thought it would be time for me to take out one of my favorite tweed jackets before it got to warm in the season. We had 70 degree temps this weekend and I was able to go out and enjoy one of the days with the puppies in tow. They look so happy, tails up, and I think if they could smile, they would! We have plenty of Green ways and trails near our house that we enjoy walking, the one thing I do miss, that we had in Pittsburgh, we rails to trails. The old railroad tracks were converted into walking and biking trails and we used them often. I think just being outside, uplifts my mood.
Fashion / 10.02.2017

This Vintage tweed blazer was purchased on Poshmark for $40Hello FriendsAre you the type that likes to shop on-line or do you prefer seeing and trying on the clothing at the Mall? I truly do 98% of my shopping on-line as I find the comfort of my couch  relaxing with a cup of coffee while in my robe very comfortable and so much more fun! I also find that the inventory can be much greater when shopping on-line. I should say off the bat, Poshmark is currently only in the US. There is also the App you can download for convenience on your phone.