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Fashion, Link Up / 22.01.2019

Good Morning Ladies! I was so thrilled to be able to go to the Influencers of Midlife Conference over the weekend, and I will be getting that post together soon. So, stay tuned! However, one of those wonderful ladies I met was Jessica, my contact through Soft Surroundings, and it was wonderful to talk and meet her in person and on a personal level. So, as a bit of a segway, I am wearing a very ultra soft grey toned leopard jacket, the Pasha Coat, from Soft Surroundings today, along with a beautiful, unique blue-grey leaf statement necklace also from the company.
Fashion, Link Up / 04.12.2018

Hi Friends! Hard to believe it is December already! Woo-Hoo, let The Countdown begin! I am looking forward to visiting my mom in Pittsburgh, seeing all of my siblings, and my little nephew Aedan, who just turned 1!. Good times ahead! Today I am sharing a neutral look  with a pop of color. I chose this  rich burgundy necklace, by Earth and Moon designs, which I featured in this POST,   If you are dyin for a Holiday look, yesterday I posted a more casual Holiday outfit HERE.
Fashion, Link Up / 06.06.2017

 Hello Ladies,First I want to thank you for the well wishes last week. We had a great time at my relatives house and the weather was just right most days. It was a nice change of pace and visit. I'm trying to get a bit caught up on the blog, as when I take a break, I do like to stay off the computer and only post on certain socials, giving me some "time off". I styled  a more casual look yesterday and wrote about how a piece of statement jewelry can amplify a casual look. I have chosen one of my favorite pieces of bling to style this dressy look today.
Fashion / 20.06.2016

 IMG_7744Happy Monday All!I hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was pretty filled with some fun things to do. We went to our favorite vineyard, ( remember there are over 90+ in NC) with the puppies, as we have been waiting for the perfect day to take them out as to not expose them to so much heat ( the humidity as been high). Raylan Vineyards had music, food and wine, so we were headed there Sat to sit and enjoy the atmosphere and have a good time. The temps were in the low 80s, a cool, comfortable temps for the pups to hang out with us. Sunday, we went to the Charlotte Symphony in the evening for a night of John William's music under the stars., always a good time. Today's look shows my new Zara statement necklace and how just adding this one piece can really amp up an outfit.
Fashion, Link Up / 31.05.2016

 IMG_7492Hello Ladies,I hope you had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. ( those in the US) I have been visiting relatives and it took 11 hours by car with my 2 doggies to get there~ Once we were there, we had a good time. Good company, food, wine, sitting outside in the sunshine. The pups were little angels not crying or wimpering at the long drive. Patient little pups.Anyhow, I cannot take credit for this dress. Not exactly. It wasn't sent to me either, like part of the "Girl with the Traveling Pants"( ahem,dress). You saw it on Ana of Ana's Island Style, and I loved the geometric, almost 3 dimensional look with those blue-green and purple-blue hues striking a chord with me! Usually, I see something I like on someone, often my luck is it is out of stock, there is no more in my size, I can only find it in Iceland... you get the drift. However, the day I saw it on her, I decided I would buy it.
Fashion / 04.04.2016

 Hello All, I hope you had a wonderful weekend.I could not start out  this post without  asking, What Makes You Happy? Or have Pharrell  song playing in the background. Well, I will ask the first question,  but I will neither play a video of  "Happy" or a more apropos generational "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby Mc Ferrin. First, let me say that my hubby makes me happy. My two fur babies: Gibson and Truffles makes me happy. My family makes me happy. These are first and foremost. Some of the small things in life, those small moments make me...