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Fashion / 05.09.2016

IMG_8526IMG_8533Hello Ladies!Happy Labor Day ( here in the States) . I took these photos last week, as I wanted to do a black and white look, but then got sidelined by the jean posts. So, here we are. I hope you are enjoying the weekend. We took the pups to King Mountain, an hour's drive from our house. We walked in the woods, and had a picnic lunch enjoying the scenery. To me,  hiking in the woods is one of the most tranquil ways to spend my time. I'm not thinking about so many things but rather enjoying the peacefulness and nature that surrounds me. My pups love it too.I am hoping this Fall to get into mixing prints a bit more. This is a basic way to mix prints using stripes and florals. I styled another look with this skirt, mixing prints earlier in the spring season HERE.  I do love the the larger black and white stripes of the skirt, and the direction of the angled stripes at the hip, creating a look that narrows the hip. I have had this blouse from White House Black Market for many years and it is a great piece on its own , under a jacket etc.  Black and white act as your neutral here, so any color one would want to pair with this look would look great. I chose a more traditional combination of red, black and white, as a love the bold statement red makes with shoes and accessories. These block heels from Zara, were love at first site for me, and with my condition, I find block heels quite easy to walk in.If one is going to the theatre, restaurant, or sitting inside this time of year, many estabilishments like to make up feel like you are inside their freezer! Add a jacket/blazer to this look and not only are you more comfortable, but you look quite put together! Really, as black and white is a neutral, one can pair this with any color.
Fashion, Link Up / 14.06.2016

Hello LadiesWhen you think of summer, what comes to mind? For me, it is vacation at the beach or mountains, ice cream, swimming, air-conditioning, fun fruity cocktails, and grilling outside on the patio with my family, plus much more, but I have to stop somewhere! In regard to fashion, I think of sundresses, light airy tops, swimsuits,  white, white and more white and shorts. I used to not like shorts, felt they werent as comfortable as dresses and I didn't feel dressed up enough. However, one can style their shorts to look just as put together as if one had...

Fashion / 12.05.2016

IMG_7459Hello LadiesHow is your week going? I have been pretty busy. Doc's visits, cleaning, blog work, etc..I have been walking with hubby and the pups reguraly on the greenways that we have near our house. I enjoy walking, except when it is nearly 90 degrees. We have had a bit of a heat wave here in Charlotte, where there have been a few days in the high 80s to 90s. I am not a fan! Would like a fan.. just not one.  Today my hair will be trimmed/cut and there will be a glaze/wash on it as I think about in the future possibly getting a LONG, angled bob. I dont know. I am always afraid to cut too much and seem to go through this each summer when the hair sticks to the back of one's head and the only hairstyles seem to be "the bun" or " the ponytail".  I like the chignon, so I just need to look up ideas for styling in the heat. I don't think it will be anytime soon. Just a consideration.
Fashion / 14.04.2016

IMG_7132Hello Ladies,Today is one of those laid back looks.  I do dress up for the most part, but other times I want to look put together without wearing a skirt or dress. I do have jeans that I am fond of wearing, these designer William Rast jeans for example, are soft, and I love the dark wash. I decided I am in love with slip on sneakers. The trend has been around for awhile, and they have grown on me more and more. So, when I saw these Same Edelman peach and olive floral slip ons, I rejoiced knowing they would be in my closet soon! I have another pair of his slip ons in Leopard print and they are very cushioned, which is what I need in a shoe-style and comfort.
Fashion, Link Up / 07.04.2016

Hello LadiesHard to believe we are in April. There is a fair amount going on around our neck of the woods. April, is as you know, Spring Showers. Not to good for blogger pictures. I suppose I need to find myself a fashionable umbrella, have a go at the 15 minute intervals where it may not rain, or trust on those sunny day reports. Anyhow, you do know that i love to wear color and t today I wanted to wear one of my favorite colors: Red. Happy to bring you the 7th My Refined Style Linkup.I do not know...

Fashion / 22.03.2016

IMG_6884IMG_6881Hello ladies and Gents,I hope everyone had a nice weekend, as I want to know where the time went! I am still trying to adjust to Daylight Savings time, and wake up feeling tired. My boy Gibby just turns around from being in his tight little ball of fur, to staring at me knowing it's F-O-O-D time! Truffles has joined in the "Morning Stare Down", and I laugh and get out of bed. As far as weather goes,  we have had some usual record temps here in Charlotte with a few days in the 80s! Charlotte, has in the past gone from Winter to Summer, but this is just one of those spells everyone is experiencing ,and we will be back to normal temps. Today I decided to show you an outfit with pattern mixing. I have done this as a very subtle way in the past, HERE with stripes and a leopard print, and today I am sharing one of the more popular way to mix patterns, floral and stripes.
Fashion / 07.09.2015

IMG_8767IMG_8766By now, I am sure my readers know I truly enjoy going to vineyards and tasting wines. It is a favorite pastime. My husband and I were joking as we figured if we went every weekend we would almost make it as:
  • North Carolina is home to more than 100 wineries. The number of wineries has more than quadrupled since 2001. The industry has two focuses - native muscadine grapes and European-style vinifera grapes.
Today I am going to be talking about what to wear to a Vineyard.
Fashion, Link Up / 01.09.2015

 Hello Ladies!Welcome back to #turningheadstuesday!  First off, I'm BA-ACK! Back to reality, as we came home from our month long working vacation in Asheville. Had an amazing time! Fabulous fresh food, tempting tapas, pup-friendly vineyards and views with hikes on the Blue Ridge Parkway's trails. Today  I am reviewing Marmi Shoes. When I was asked to review  Marmi shoes,  there was a nice selection to choose from. As soon as I saw the red flats with bows, with a snakeskin texture, I was sold.Can I say I am in love? With a pair of shoes, that is!I don't own a...