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Fashion / 26.05.2017

 Hi Ladies! We are in PA for a visit with my in-laws, so I wrote this post before I left as I have been thinking about what has changed the older I get. There are alot of things, as you know, both emotionally and physically, but for today I am taking about Confidence at Midlife. I hope to be able to comment and get around to visiting, but know I'll do my best!
Fashion, Link Up / 09.05.2017

Hello Friends,Well, we had a Dog Day Afternoon at Raylen Vineyards on the weekend, when we attended the Dog and Drinks event, benefiting the Humane Society. Gibson was so excited when we got there, as he pulled on his leash to get to see other dogs. Truffles hid behind my hubby's pant leg- thinking " doggy overload!: I, however, was in my element! Pups and wine, two of my favorite things! This outfit for today was something I put together for Sunday, I wasn't about to wear white jeans at a vineyard with dogs :-)
Fashion, Link Up / 14.03.2017

Hello friends"The Answer my friend, is blowin in the wind, the answer is blowin in the wind"... "Bob Dylan. It was one of the most windy days recently, and the question must be. how difficult is it to get pictures when your hair is flying every which way ? We made do, but it can be tricky! Our reward was lunch and a few glasses of wine at Corkscrew, one of our favorite haunts. We brought the pups, but it wasn't the dog party that it was last Sunday when there were 8 dogs on the patio!Today I am wearing one of those things that is considered a staple in every woman's closet, the black fitted blazer. I love this one from Fabrizio Gianni as it has vertical dark stripes and fits quite well. I decided to pair it with a grey textured tee, raw edged denim and a pair of peachy pink snakeskin block heels  This is  a spring look or uniform that one can put together rather easily.
Fashion, Link Up / 31.01.2017

Hello FriendsHalleluia! Today is the last day of January, and I am ready to kick this month "to the curb!" Besides the no Vitamin D, gray days and cold temps, lets just say I prefer the upcoming month as a precursor to Spring. Before I go on to talk about today's post, I would love if you stopped by this Friday, when I share my experience with professional teeth whitening, sponsored by a local dentist here..Its not glamorous by any means!
Fashion / 17.01.2017

 Hi Friends- Hope you like the new blog layout! I wrote about it yesterday and am happy with how it turned out. I needed something new and fresh! The snow is gone, and the temps here in Charlotte, have increased to nearly mid 60s  by weekend. It is usually this time of year that I start to get a hankering for spring clothes. The weather here is so duplicitous! Besides looking at spring clothes on-line, I must admit, I am a bit of a True Crime junkie. Homicide Hunter, Joe Kenda, well "my, my my!" Yes, when the weather is just...

Fashion / 10.01.2017

 Hello friends!Hope you had a great weekend! I met with my sister in Charlotte, and we enjoyed lunch at "Corkbuzz" a modern restaurant with an extensive wine list. Why do my eyes always go to the most expensive glass or bottle? Mmm. Well, I enjoyed a glass of a French Red and carefully sipped as to enjoy it. The lunch was delicious and something I would try and make at home, with a piece of thick pita bread, a yogurt lemon sauce and grilled vegetables: beets, brussel sprouts, squash, mushrooms, my kind of meal! This is something I could actually...

Fashion / 09.01.2017

  Hello friendsI hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Even Charlotte had snow. Usually I am easily amused, as the local weatherman predicts this will be the "Winter Storm of '17" when 2 inches falls on the ground. Being a Pittsburgher, I would usually laugh, nod my head and think,  "THIS is the winter!" Well, it wasn't the Winter Storm of '17 this weekend, but it did snow as much as they predicted, 4-6 inches. It is always fun to see how the pups are going to react to snow, and Truffles did not disappoint! Truffles went out on the back deck, and just peed right there. No going into the yard , but just out and in. Gibson, was having fun frolicking around, typical boy! On to my outfit...