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Fashion, Link Up / 22.08.2017

 Hello Ladies. We went to see the Total Eclipse in Greenville, SC and it was so amazing! My hubby took some good shots so I hope to share more of that and my day's adventure on the blog most likely Friday. Puppies were so good and it didnt phase them  It really was a great event with people cheering when it went to Total Eclipse.  We were gone until late in the evening when we got home, as there was a bit of traffic!This is  favorite day to see all of your fashions and to influence me to spend more money on clothes! hehehe. I am bringing you some amazing accessories from Uno Alla Volta, a company in which I have partnered HERE,  HERE HERE and HERE. Do you ask the questions, how do my accessories make my look? What do they say about me?
Fashion, Link Up / 12.04.2016

IMG_7099Hello Ladies and Gents,You all know me, at least most of my favorite styles by now. Yes, the floral fantastic profusion has begun! There may be an abundance of florals just ahead as the Spring season is here and the sun decides to emerge for more than a few hours. I do tend to wear many florals, maybe so much by some standards that they should be sprouting from my ears and  between my toes. But I can't say no! Florals are trending now, but I was wearing them prior to the trend, just like to see that I fall in accordance to some trends. My mom is now visiting traveling back and forth from my sister's house to ours, and I have discovered some pictures of when I began my love for florals. Looking through some pictures when I was younger, I was 10 and in a school presentation when I wore a blue floral dress I was quite in love with. Perhaps my obsession with florals began then.  I will have to share some of these images in upcoming posts.
Fashion, Link Up / 05.01.2016

IMG_0239Hello Ladies!So here were are at 2016, and what I feel to be the slowest time of the year. I do though enjoy the cold, bundling at night with the pups in their little round fur balls, or lying by the fireplace with hot cocoa in hand. This is about the time I may actually be able to wear my winter coat out, and realize that perhaps I don't need 3 or 4 coats here in Charlotte, because it only gets cold enough for one maybe 2 months out of the year. Only a few weeks ago was it almost 70 degrees, but has now dipped to about 50. I soon hope to share with you my vintage inspired Boden pink coat, as it is finally getting cold enough. My closet has more leather jackets than wool coats due to this climate, but I could not resist this vintage swing coat in leopard. 
Fashion, Link Up / 05.11.2015

Hello Ladies, Glad you are here for another monthly installment of My Refined Style!I am enjoying being a part of this linkup with all of my other lovely fashionista friends!I love the look of a vintage style when I can, so this romantic burgundy floral cardigan has been styled throughout the years. I bought this at LOFT about 5 years ago. In order to style it in more of a vintage fashion, I loved to add details like my ruby stoned dragonfly brooch, and this burgundy faux fur stole. The distressed brown booties add more to the vintage look. The...

Uncategorized / 24.02.2014

Teal has to be a favorite color of mine. I bought this velvet jacket, when I was really into velvet, and no it was not the mid 70s. Since I like most of my jackets fitted, I decided to wear this over my grey sweater dress. Putting on this entire outfit is about as comfortable as pajamas as one can get. I dressed it up with some bold gold and teal statement jewelry that actually called out to me from our local Jewel Box's window.( Perhaps this is becoming a recurring happening with me!) So, of course, I had to...