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Fashion, Link Up / 22.08.2017

 Hello Ladies. We went to see the Total Eclipse in Greenville, SC and it was so amazing! My hubby took some good shots so I hope to share more of that and my day's adventure on the blog most likely Friday. Puppies were so good and it didnt phase them  It really was a great event with people cheering when it went to Total Eclipse.  We were gone until late in the evening when we got home, as there was a bit of traffic!This is  favorite day to see all of your fashions and to influence me to spend more money on clothes! hehehe. I am bringing you some amazing accessories from Uno Alla Volta, a company in which I have partnered HERE,  HERE HERE and HERE. Do you ask the questions, how do my accessories make my look? What do they say about me?
Uncategorized / 01.05.2015

 ( Zara Bucket Bag)Hello LadiesWe all know the 70s craze is here with all of the fringe going on. Another trend right now is the "bucket bag", as it shape resembles a "Bucket" ! How about that! The ingenuity! These bags are just about everywhere and seem a fun alternative to a satchel or larger hobo bag. Big enough to throw one's daily necessities into the bag, they can add color and shape to your outfit. If you carry the kitchen sick in your purse, the "bucket bag" may not be for you.Another trend that has been around for months...

Uncategorized / 17.02.2014

 I can honestly say, I moved to Charlotte for 2 reasons: a teaching job, and the weather. The weather played an important role, as I was tired of the grey, cold, and long winter months of PA. Sure, I love fall, but I could do without winter. Seeing snow here in Charlotte, at least 5 inches, I became like the children in which I taught kindergarten years ago. WoW! Look at how pretty that is on the trees! Such a beautiful scene! Do you want to go outside? Now here, I was talking to my 2 -12 pound shih tzus,...

Uncategorized / 14.02.2014 me start off by saying, Happy Valentine's Day. I want you to enjoy a bit of my favorite singer's apprapo song, and also include a few pics of me in the color of the day, with one of my favorite wool coats, and also my favorite antique piece of jewelry with pearls that I will post again. You can see our Storm of 2014 behind me.I went to school initially for Classical Guitar, however when I would go to student performances, you could hear a pin drop, and upon reflection of a future career, unless I was a master...