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Fashion / 07.05.2018

Good Morning ladies!If you have been following the blog for awhile, you know i am a "floral girl". I have always loved floral prints, as they are romantic and a lovely reminder of Spring. I do tend to choose medium to larger floral prints, not the tiny florals that remind me of grandma's afghan. That's just me. If you looked at my closet, you might think that stems should be intertwined in between clothes racks, as i have a fair amount of floral dresses and tops, ready to be picked to be worn.  My mom used to have a pink and purple floral duster that i used to borrow in high school as the bold colors and print really attracted me.
Fashion / 19.06.2017

Happy Monday friends,I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Here the sun was shining and it was a rather relaxing weekend for us.  I suppose I have Summer on my mind, when it is officially here 2 days from now!  When do you start to think about what to pack for your summer beach vacation?Well, I know I start to think about what I am going to pack  well in advance. I hope to write a post on what I pack, but in the meantime, when I selected this dress from my closet, I thought it was the perfect dress...

Fashion / 06.03.2017

 Hello Friends!I hope everyone had a great weekend. I love the Spring season, but I am hoping it will last this year, as some years here in Charlotte, Spring flies by and melds into summer.. The heat takes over and it was a mere blip on the calendar! So in celebrating the Spring months, I am wearing my favorite style of Karina Dress, the Megan. I love the 1940s style dress and the vintage vibe. There is a great selection of Karina Spring dresses in differnt cuts, styles and prints.Dark florals are very on trend currently, so the combination of the cut and style was for me. The dress is navy, with pinkish-red flowers and budding green leaves. With that, I decided to style it with this boiled wool ruffled jacket as there is still a chill in the air. Its not quite spring yet, as much as we wish for it.
Fashion / 31.10.2016

img_9882Hello friends!I am planning on posting Part II of my trip on Thursday this week, so please do come by and check out more of my trip to Santa Fe and Taos, more pictures! ( not to mention it also being My Refined Linkup as well)Hope you enjoyed the weekend. We went to a Hallo-wine Festival Saturday, wine tasting, food trucks, music, kid's events etc. Brought the puppies and it was a good time.I  hope you enjoy Halloween tonight, if you celebrate it. Hubby, me and the pups have decided  to sit outside and pass out candy. I was joking with hubby when I told him,  " Now, we only give out candy to the kids with the homemade costumes, ok" None of that, " Draw-a-smile-on-a-white-sheet "Im a Ghost" -kind of costume!" Kidding. I do remember though, back in the day, when my mom made our costumes. I was a rabbit , a black cat, a monk ( and won first prize as a contest) yes, Mom sewed me a brown gown with hood, I had a white beard, and wore a rope belt, as I chanted Gregorian Chant while in a circle with the other kids. I also remember First Grade when mom used ribbed cardboard around my body, I had a black bodysuit, and used my Disney cap as the make-shift trash can lid stuck to my cap( beanie). Dad has spray painted trashcan on the body of my costume, and then I remember stapling or gluing paper cartons of milk, candy wrappers and more to my "can". It was a pretty cool costume now that I remember it.
Fashion, Link Up / 02.08.2016

IMG_8316Hello ladiesWho doesn't love to sleep in on some lazy Sundays? Whether its with the girlfriends or your significant other, going to brunch, for me, is always a fun way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon! Mmmm. Visions of strawberry pancakes and mimosas dancing in my head. My husband and I love to try different places here in Charlotte and one of those for brunch is Bonefish Grill. I most often get a peach belinni with my eggs benedict or  a spot o" tea with my strawberry pancakes. So today,  I took out my hot rollers as the heat generally makes my fine hair just fall, but keep them in for 15 minutes and it curls like a charm.. Off to brunch!
Fashion / 04.07.2016

IMG_7834IMG_7845Hello EveryoneHappy 4th of July! I thought since it is  a special holiday, and most likely many of you will be sitting with family, friends , perhaps cooking up burgers, food on the grill, I would show my patriotic nature by wearing  the traditional red white and blue colors. In the past, I have collaborated with Karina Dresses and this is one of their styles I am fond of . The Ruby , great for an hourglass or an inverted triangle, in my case. In addition to the navy, red, and blue paisley print, there is a bit of dark green in the color scheme. This more delicate necklace is a favorite by 1928.com, with a bit of a vintage vibe.