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Fashion / 29.03.2022

The Celine Jacket- Caite and Kyla l Love a great column dressing outfit, any time of year. I was contacted to work with Caite and Kyla again this season, and you know I love their clothing. I do love dressing up, but when I want to dress casually, I love to look put together. This boho style is very stylish and comfortable, just perfect for an afternoon out this Spring, a picnic, or lunch with friends.Before I talk about the outfit, I should address this- We have never encountered snakes here. So don't worry. Turtles and Egrets, yes, but no snakes!Now,...

Fashion / 21.05.2018

 Morning friends!Did you watch the Royal Wedding? I did catch some of the Spectacle on TV, but am not an early morning person, so I didn't wake up at the start. It was beautiful too, and you can see it on Hulu if you didn't get to see all of it at the time.  I do find fashion to be an interesting bit of the Royals, and Megan Markle's gown was both elegant and stylish. I also loved the Stella McKartney halter dress she wore.  I have posted about the Queen Mother in The Crown Post, as well as introducing you to the company, Cornelia James, who makes the gloves the Queen ( and now I) wear. There is an American fascination, though with the English Royals. Do you follow them?It has been royally unpleasant here, ( ;-)as far as the weather has been concerned!! It had been raining all week this past week, so taking photos became a bit of a challenge. My hubby would look at the hourly and we would make a run for it! Those of you that love to wear casual looks, with jeans and a cute top, can find that wearing a kimono over jeans and a cami or tank, will elevate the look a bit more.
Fashion / 28.08.2017

 Good Morning Ladies!Well, as we are winding down here in the Summer months, its always an interesting time for blog photos. Approaching September, some years it has remained 90 degrees, but yet the retailers are pulling out all of the Fall fashion mid summer. Today, I am wearing a more summery look as we dwindle down the remaining days.