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Fashion / 04.01.2021

 Camel coatHappy New Year friends!I hope you all had a Blessed Season and made the most out of these circumstances.With 2021 now here, I am hoping  for a positive change and a faster rollout for the vaccine. Since lockdown and staying at home, we are dressing more casually in joggers and loungewear. This week, I am styling joggers two ways- in a dressy style ( for when we get to go out again) and in a more casual styled way.
Personal / 18.12.2020

 One more week friends!I know this Christmas is not the same.Many people not seeing family, while others are alone on Christmas Day.I've been thinking of how we are to keep our spirits up during this time of year when we may be missing many of the things we normally do at this time.I am fortunate to have my mom with us, as Covid was very confusing and difficult to deal with, especially as she was alone in another state.So, now, I can do some of the things I enjoy doing this Holiday, but would do just to keep feeling the...