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Fashion, Link Up / 29.05.2018

Hi friends!Thanks for joining me today on Turning heads Tuesday! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and got to enjoy it outside with the family. Nothing says Spring and Summer like a detailed white blouse. With all of the beautiful styles out there in stores, I could find myself addicted to buying nothing but white blouses, but I have  some control! :-)  I have a few in my closet, a trimed tank is white lace, a white corset top, polka dot blouse, and a few more, but i am sure I will add one or two more beyond this style this year.  It was love at first sight with this top... the scalloped trim and eyelet design just won me over. It is light , in cotton, and perfect for a casual or dressy look.  For reference, it is a size 4, and roomy, purchased on Mango.
Fashion, Link Up / 30.01.2018

Good Morning Friends,I have to say I find winter to be a tough time of year. The warm heat in the Spring and Summer shining down has a positive effect on my muscles. Heat relaxes and has a calming feeling for me. In the Winter, I feel the joints in my hands stiffen and more knots seem prevelant, causing pain and stiffness in my body. I have mentioned the possibility of having SAD ( seasonal Affective Disorder) but have never checked on it with my doctor. I know this is not the only solution, but wearing bright colors or many colors can help your frame of mind. Instead of reaching for the black, grey, dark tones we might gravitate toward this time of year, try mixing bright colors or try color blocking.
Fashion / 09.01.2017

  Hello friendsI hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Even Charlotte had snow. Usually I am easily amused, as the local weatherman predicts this will be the "Winter Storm of '17" when 2 inches falls on the ground. Being a Pittsburgher, I would usually laugh, nod my head and think,  "THIS is the winter!" Well, it wasn't the Winter Storm of '17 this weekend, but it did snow as much as they predicted, 4-6 inches. It is always fun to see how the pups are going to react to snow, and Truffles did not disappoint! Truffles went out on the back deck, and just peed right there. No going into the yard , but just out and in. Gibson, was having fun frolicking around, typical boy! On to my outfit...
Fashion / 20.09.2016

IMG_8865pumpkinHello LadiesI hope everyone has had a nice weekend. Today's look I was excited to style. Again, looking ahead to NYFW ( my mom is going, I can't this year) and some of the Fall Trends, this Pumpkin Spice/Rust shade is hot on the runways! Mmm. My husband laughs as each fall I get drawn in to everything "pumpkin spice." Candles, bake goods, coffee.. lattes ( of course) and now clothing.  This shade is indicitive of Fall, its rust colored beauty can be complimented by so many shades: olive, black, mustard, camel, browns., metlot , burgundy Another trend that would work quite well with this dress, is wearing a turtleneck under the dress. This is quite popular on the runway, and can take a dress from another season, into fall/Winter. If you missed my NYFW LOOK #1 inspiration: Fall Florals, click HERE.
Fashion, Link Up / 03.03.2016

 Hello Ladies!Welcome to My Refined Style Linkup, as we welcome in March! Hard to believe, but I am ready, so ready for spring. I do love sports, but I have never been a snow bunny or enjoyed skiing. When people ask me if I am good at skiing, I say, "No, I am good at falling." So, I will stick to what I know. I am better at dressing for the cold! I did have a coat on in addition to what I am wearing today, but wanted to share with you my love of sweater dresses and one of...