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Fashion, Link Up, Places / 22.09.2015

IMG_9077Hello Ladies!!Welcome back to another edition of #Turningheadstuesday!! I am sharing with you another one of my looks from #NYFW, as I wore this to the #BetseyJohnson fashion show. Perhaps I could have worn a big tulle fluffy pink dress with a corset outer, but thought that just might be a bit over the top for me, so I saw this on Zara and had to have it!  I know I have shown alot of lace outfits lately, but what can I say.. I love fine well made lace and the color was a surprise! On the website, it looked more maroon, which I thought would be lovely, but when I received it, it is a brick shade and I thought, even better!!
Fashion, Uncategorized / 02.01.2015

[caption id="attachment_5083" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Over the Knee boots with my plaid Mini Skirt Over the Knee Boots with my plaid Mini[/caption] TGIF!Yes, ladies, it is hard to believe it is now 2015, and we have to continually remember that for our blogs, writing checks, and just life! Another year has pasts and this is the time everyone starts to think of New Years Resolutions. Do you do this, or are you one that just tries for goals and such throughout the year? Well, since it is the Friday after the New Year, I thought I would show you one of the things that Santa brought.
Fashion, Uncategorized / 26.11.2014

IMG_5662Happy Wednesday,Yes, it is that time of the year, where either you are scrambling to get the turkey and all of the fixings together, or you are going to a relative's house to visit and bringing some wine and side dishes. Yea! We are the latter this year, so we are out to find some great bottles of vino and pick up some of my husband's favorite corn souffle at our Fresh Markets for tomorrow.  I saw this top on Ebay and quickly fell in love.