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Uncategorized / 03.08.2015

IMG_8174Hello LadiesThis post is going to be short but sweet. Hubby, Gibson and Truffles are going to the mountains. Asheville, a beautiful place where the Blue Ridge Parkway has miles and miles of scenic views. Where art and music are a mainstay. A laid back nature is mandatory. I hope to share with you some of my trip, places we go, food we eat, and fun to be had. I want to go tubing!In the meantime, today I have a post with a casual vibe. I hope to pair these shorts with a mixed pattern another time, but today loved the look of a vibrant orchid colored peplum top. I am a fan of peplum, as one can wear this sleeveless, or depending on what you one is comfortable with, put a button down collared top under it. The shorts in peach, pink, and orchid caught my eye because of the colors. I don't own alot of summer plaid
Uncategorized / 01.06.2015

 IMG_7419Hello ladiesWould I ever have thought I would be doing a post on Birkenstocks or Birkinstock-like sandals? Probably not. Even in my college days, I never wore them. I was always turned off by the people that wore them with socks! More guys then girls, but don't we know this is a fashion faux paux, socks with open toed sandals?To each their own , I say!However...
Uncategorized / 02.06.2014

Hello ladies,As you have all seen my style, once in awhile, I may wear something a bit unexpected. Florals are my favorite, and I have a bunch in my closet, even way before it was a trend. This style on the dress, is something a little different for me, kind of a boho look, as the cut is empire, but the flounce and flowy shape of it , gives it that style or look. This was taken at one of our favorite Greenways and I often take the pups here to walk. The day was sunny, hot, and I thought...