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Fashion, Places / 17.08.2015

IMG_8330 Hello Ladies!I thought since I am and will be on vacation here in Asheville, I would share some of my photos and experiences with you about this beautiful, artsy, creative mountain town. Some people are familiar with it from the Biltmore Estate, and we have been there many times. It is a house  in which the famous Vanderbuilts lived. Read more about it here.However, I wanted to present some other side to this fun town! I remember thinking in college that one day I wanted to live in a log home in the mountains , with beautiful views and fresh cool mountain air.  I have been sharing my fashion with you while I am here, but also tell you about my trip.
Fashion / 13.08.2015

IMG_8164IMG_8314Hello Ladies!Today I am going to talk to you about an amazing program called 'Shop and Dash" with the company Fabrizio Gianni. Does this mean that I get into my fancy car or truck to go shopping and leave in a hurry? Absolutely NOT!The beauty of this program is that you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home! No vehicle required ! If you love to shop, but hate the hassle of returning clothes at stores, going in to try things on and spending hours at the mall, then you need to read this review. :-) And let's face it, aren't you just curious as I am wearing a pair of their fabulous slim fit  denim knit jeans!
Fashion / 07.08.2015

IMG_8066Hello LadiesI know you are thinking wow, this is a different post for Jess! Today I am reviewing hair extensions sent to me by the company, Irresistible Me.It has been a long time coming, as they contacted me on May 21st to ask if I would like to collaborate. The extensions were received on July 25th. More on this later.On just a side note, the outfit I am wearing is not a floral :-) I thought I would go with an earthy palette today. I love my florals and throughout the summer I enjoy mixing it up ( styles), just as I have done today with these hair extensions.
Fashion / 31.07.2015

 51MwOdQ0fiL._SX300_Hello Ladies!Last Day of July. Hard to is that time of year for back to school and the closer I get to August, I start to think, soon there will be cooler weather However, I am getting this pink flamingo for the pool. I just HAVE too!  I saw it on IG and either want it or the white swan! So I will take up 1/3rd of the pool with it, but  a girls gotta do , what a girls gotta do!  I wanted to take today to share with you some of my favorite outfits from July as the month did seem to go by as well as some of my Instagram Favorites from recent.
Fashion, Link Up / 21.07.2015

 IMG_7992Hello Ladies! Happy Turning Heads Tuesday!It was one of those lazy summer days. One of those days I wanted to sleep in a bit, these were taken on  Sunday. Decided to go into Uptown, which must be a special day, as we don't often hang out as much in the city, unless we are going to a musical, out for a special dinner etc. We, like many people, stay in our area, of favorite places, but like to venture out and explore new places as well. Today we went into Uptown and went to a place for brunch, called The Dandelion Market.